Parker, J. T.

W E Y L A N D – Y U T A N I



Parker, J. T.
Chief Engineer
USCSS Nostromo

SEX:  Male (Natural)
NAT:  United Americas
DOB:  04 Feb 2080
POB:  San Diego/California-UA
IDN:  313/S4-08M
FLT:  BC     SEC:  C     MEN:  B     PHY: BA

14 Sep 2100-06 Oct 2104   Works as pit mechanic for Speedy Maxx high-speed terrafoil racing team.

09 Jan 2105-14 Jun 2107   Recruited into United Americas Outer Rim Defense Fleet, stationed at Skyfire Down.  (Rank: Private.) Serves a mechanic of heavy land transport vehicles and officer shuttles.

14 Jun 2107-01 Aug 2107   Promoted to Corporal.  Serves as chief mechanic at Skyfire Down UAORD base.

01 Aug 2107-21 Feb 2108   Captured by J’har Rebels during Torin Prime Civil War. Imprisoned at Concentration Camp GR-161. Establishes underground black market for POWs.

21 Feb 2108   Escapes from Concentration Camp GR-161 during the Liberation of Torin Prime. Constructs emergency escape vehicle (EEV) from scrap.

30 Oct 2108   Receives Honorable Discharge from UAORD.

19 Dec 2108   Returns to Earth. No further enhancement.

05 Sep 2109- 29 Mar 2113   Attends San Diego School of Astro-Engineering.Studies incomplete. No degree awarded.

02 Oct 2113-13 Dec 2113   Freelances as mechanic/engineer for Mexcorp, serving on various unauthorized medicinal cargo ops. No further enhancement.

07 Jan 2114-29 Apr 2115   Serves as Assistant Engineer at United Americas Lightspeed Accelerator Threshold. Neptune.

05 May 2115-19 Oct 2117   Serves as Assistant Engineer on Weyland-Yutani commercial cargo vehicle USCSS Otago, under Captain Mortenson.

27 Oct 2117-01 Sep 2120   Serves as Engineer on Weyland-Yutani commercial cargo vehicle USCSS Nonnabo, under Captain Keeney. (Flight Status C)

10 Sep 2120-present   Serves as Engineer on Weyland-Yutani commercial towing vehicle USCSS Nostromo, under Captain Dallas. (Flight Status BC)

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Based on the computer readout in the opening scenes of Alien and the Flight Plan document in the DVD hidden extras, it is inferred that the events in the movie transpire on June 3, 2122.  Based on the birthdate given above, Parker would have been 42 years of age.  Yaphet Koto was 38 when the movie was filmed.


  • Alien: 20th Anniversary Special Edition DVD. Flight plan and Nostromo crew biographies found in the hidden extras. June 1, 1999.

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