Lambert, J. M.

W E Y L A N D – Y U T A N I



Lambert, J. M.
USCSS Nostromo

SEX: Female (Natural)
NAT:  United Americas
DOB:  07 NOV 2093
POB:  Ontario/Canada-UA
IDN:  759/L2-01N
FLT:  B     SEC:  B     MEN:  AB     PHY:  AB

12 May 2112   Graduates New Ontario University with Masters of Astro-Cartography.

01 Jun 2112-18 Sep 2112   Interns in Astro-Cartography Dept. at Ridton Corp, London/UK-EU.

07 Oct 2112   Marries Xander Chapman, Director of Astro-Cartography, Ridton Corp. (RC#044812-L)

28 Oct 2112-05 Feb 2114   Serves as Shipping Lane Trafficator for Farside Lunar Mining (Plymouth/Luna-UA.)

10 Feb 2114   Divorces Xander Chapman, former Director of Astro-Cartography, Ridton Corp.  (RC#200219-L)

17 Feb 2114-06 Dec 2114   Serves as Assistant Navigator on Red Star Lines pleasure cruiser Infinity (Mars-Orion route.) (Flight Status C)

29 Jan 2115-01 Aug 2118   Serves as Navigator/Comm Officer on Ridton Corp. salvage vessel Leggatt, under Captain Leigh.

13 Sep 2118   Marries Lordan Hessutt, Executive Officer on Ridton Corp. salvage vessel Leggatt.

11 Oct 2118-19 Dec 2119   Serves as Navigator on  Weyland-Yutani scout ship Adowa, under Captain Payne. (Flight Status BC)

03 Jan 2120   Divorces Lordan Hessutt,  Executive Officer on Ridton Corp. salvage vessel Leggatt. (WY/REF#37091)

05 Jan 2120-present   Serves as Navigator on Weyland-Yutani commercial towing vehicle USCSS Nostromo, under Captain Dallas. (Flight Status B)

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Based on the computer readout in the opening scenes of Alien and the Flight Plan document in the DVD hidden extras, it is inferred that the events in the movie transpire on June 3, 2122.  Based on the birthdate given above, Lambert would have been 29 years of age.  Angela Cartwright was 29 when the movie was filmed.



  • Alien: 20th Anniversary Special Edition DVD. Flight plan and Nostromo crew biographies found in the hidden extras. June 1, 1999.

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