Dallas, A. J.

W E Y L A N D – Y U T A N I



Dallas, A. J.
USCSS Nostromo

SEX:  Male (Natural)
NAT:  United Americas
DOB:  27 Feb 2076
POB:  Wolf Point/Montana-UA
IDN:  032/V407C
FLT:  B     SEC:  AB     MEN:  AB     PHY:  B

15 May 2099   Graduates Mercerton Flight Academy. (Flight Status C)

11 Mar 2100-09 Jan 2103   Serves as Navigator/Pilot on USCSS Snark salvage vessel, under Captain Van Shuyten. (Flight Status B)

23 Jan 2103-04 Dec 2105   Serves as Pilot on UTX Ganymede military cargo vessel, under Captain Britten.

01 Jun 2106   Commissioned into United Americas Outer Rim Defense Fleet (UAORD).  Stationed at Liberty Echo.  (Rank: Lieutenant)

14 Jun 2106-17 Feb 2108   Serves as Pilot on UAS Leviathan fast attack vessel, under Major Baines, during Torin Prime Civil War. (Flight Status A)

23 Feb 2108   Promoted to Captain following Liberation of Torin Prime.  Receives the Sunburst Medal of Honor for meritorious service.

01 Mar 2108   Given command of UAS Archangel troop carrier. (Flight Status AA)

25 Dec 2109   UAS Archangel destroyed in enemy attack during peace-keeping operation on Thedus.  15,293 lives lost.  Ship unsalvageable. (Flight Status Suspended)

03 Jan 2110   Receives Dishonorable Discharge from UAORD. {Flight Status Revoked)

04 Jan 2110-28 Apr 2113   Whereabouts unknown. No further enhancement.

28 Apr 2113-09 Sep 2113   Smuggles weapons and medical supplies into the Solomons on civilian cargo vessel The Vidar, under Captain Joshua.

14 Dec 2113-04 May 2114   Freelances special transport ops of hazardous materials for Weyland-Yutani in the Solomons. (Probationary Flight Status D)

21 Jul 2114-03 Dec 2118   Purchases civilian cargo vessel Tremolino.  Freelances cargo and transport ops for Weyland-Yutani throughout the Outer Rim Territories. (Flight Status C)

07 Dec 2119   Tremolino decommissioned. Crew disbanded.

04 Jan 2120- present   Given command of Weyland-Yutani commercial towing vehicle USCSS Nostromo. (Flight Status B)

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Based on the computer readout in the opening scenes of Alien and the Flight Plan document in the DVD hidden extras, it is inferred that the events in the movie transpire on June 3, 2122.  Based on the birthdate given above, Dallas would have been 46 years of age.  Tom Skerrit was 45 when the movie was filmed.



  • Alien: 20th Anniversary Special Edition DVD. Flight plan and Nostromo crew biographies found in the hidden extras. June 1, 1999.

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