Brett, S. E.

W E Y L A N D – Y U T A N I



Brett, S. E.
Engineering Tech
USCSS Nostromo

SEX:  Male (Natural)
NAT:  United Americas
DOB:  13 Jul 2069
POB:  Houston/Texas-UA
IDN:  724/R4-06J
FLT:  C     SEC:  C     MEN:  B     PHY:  C

21 Jun 2085-10 May 2094   Works as mechanic for family business (E-Z-FLY Spacecraft Repair, Houston/Texas-UA.)

15 May 2094-21 Dec 2095   Works as hardware specialist for Solari Energy Corp. at Osaka solar energy plant. Employment terminated. (SEC/REF#1288-7G)

01 Feb 2096-16 Jul 2096   Pilots high-speed cargo vehicles for Ridton Corp. through Iranistan war zone.  Employment suspended. (RC/REF#24901-B)

18 Jul 2096-04 Dec 2096   Receives treatment for alcoholism at Ridton Medical Facility (London). Treatment successful (Medscan CERT#34008N)

15 Sep 2097-21 Oct 2101   Serves as Assistant Engineer on Ridton Corp deep sea vessel Ozymandias, under Captain Ivey.

18 Jan 2102-21 May 2108   Attends Houston School of Astrophysics and Interstellar Engineering.  Graduates.

14 Jul 2108-09 Nov 2111   Serves as Assistant Engineer on Weyland-Yutani waste disposal  vessel USCSS Corazon Oscuro, under Captain Speight. (Flight Status C)

10 Nov 2111   Fails blood alcohol test. Flight Status suspended.

09 Jan 2112   Undergoes cerebral detox procedure at Weyland-Yutani Medical Facility, Titan. Minor complications arise. See MEDICAL (BRAIN DAMAGE] for further enhancement.

09 Jan 2112-31 Mar 2113   Undergoes therapeutic recuperation at Weyland-Yutani Medical Facility, Titan.

03 Apr 2113   Passes Weyland-Yutani Ment/Psych/Cog-5 exam. (WY/PSYCH CERT#921B-F7)  Flight status restored.  Cleared for assignment.

19 Apr 2113-28 Oct 2117   Serves as Assistant Engineering Tech at Weyland Yutani Fusion Reactor Facility on Titan.

03 Nov 2117-01 Sep 2120   Serves as Engineering Tech on Weyland-Yutani commercial cargo vehicle USCSS Nonnabo, under Captain Keeney.

10 Sep 2120-present   Serves as Engineering Tech on Weyland-Yutani commercial towing vehicle USCSS Nostromo, under Captain Dallas.

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Based on the computer readout in the opening scenes of Alien and the Flight Plan document in the DVD hidden extras, it is inferred that the events in the movie transpire on June 3, 2122.  Based on the birthdate given above, Brett would have been 52 years of age.  Harry Dean Stanton was 52 when the movie was filmed.



  • Alien: 20th Anniversary Special Edition DVD. Flight plan and Nostromo crew biographies found in the hidden extras. June 1, 1999.

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