Crew Manifest

W E Y L A N D – Y U T A N I

VESSEL:   U.S.C.S.S. Nostromo
TYPE:     Commercial Towing Vehicle
REG. NO:  1809246(09)
CREW:     Seven (7)

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IDN: 032/V4-07C    Dallas, A. J.  Captain

IDN: 825/G9-01K    Kane, G. W.  Executive Officer

IDN: 759/L2-01N    Ripley, E. L.  Warrant Officer

IDN: 111/C2-01X    Ash, NFN NMI   Science Officer

IDN: 759/L2-01N    Lambert, J. M. Navigator

IDN: 313/S4-08M    Parker, J. T. Chief Engineer

IDN: 724/R4-06J Brett, S. E. Engineering Tech

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The information about the Nostromo crew found in Aliens, and archived on the Alien Anthology Blu-ray archives (see the Weyland-Yutani Inquest: Nostromo Dossiers), differ profoundly from the information in the 20th Anniversary DVD hidden extras for a number of practical reasons.

A close reading of the DVD Crew Files will show that two Nostromo crew members have a significant gap in their work histories.  Ironic that these are the only two crew members whose names were changed in the Weyland-Yutani Inquest: Nostromo Dossiers (hyperlink this).

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