Timeline: The Mike Tanaka Tweets & Alien: Isolation Archive Logs

In 2137, Seegson Corporation Systems Archivist Mike Tanaka finds himself working away from home on a deteriorating space station in a backwater star system along the trade routes between Earth and the Outer Rim. [Tanaka appears as an NCP (non-player character) in Alien: Isolation.]

Creative Arts concept art for Mike Tanaka. Much nicer looking than his (final) appearance in the game.


[WARNING! For those who have not yet played Alien: Isolation, Beware! Here there be spoilers!]


The challenges and terrors facing Amanda Ripley are only the tip of the iceberg, but who has time to look for all the details, right?

Just beyond the thrills is a rich world of detail, found in the Archive Logs scattered across the station. I’ve taken the liberty of combining those with the Twitter marketing campaign to illustrate the care with which Creative Assembly and Sega put this all together. I’ve come up with some intriguing parallels I’d like to share with you.

Before we dig in, know that according to the tweet records, Mike Tanaka communicated with his family over a period of 305 days…

…the last 90 were spent aboard Sevastopol Station.

Join me now as the Archive Logs and Tanaka tweets document the deterioration of conditions on Sevastopol Station, from a very intimate point of view…



(Archive Logs in italics)

04-Aug-2105     Sevastopol Station, orbiting KG348, is officially opened for business by Seegson Corporation.

11-Feb-2136     After a number of years of mismanagement at Sevastopol and the unfortunate re-routing of the Sol-Thedus run, Seegson Investment Board withdraws funding from Gemini Exoplanet solutions.

11-Oct-2136     Gemini Exoplanet Solutions staff are assured that the future of Sevastopol is secure, and negotiations have begun with potential buyers for Gemini.

??-Jan-2137     Julia Jones, a journalist with the Colonial Times, arrives at Sevastopol to write a piece on the over expansion of second-tier corporations and the price they’ve paid.

28-Jan-2137  3:47 AM     My first tweet. The jellybeans (my daughters) have been telling me to get on here for ages. Prepare for the space talk…

31-Jan-2137  2:45 AM     Who else got their kids the #SpeedOfLight chocolate calendars this year? Trying not to steal the chocolates, they’re pretty tasty!

02-Feb-2137  5:27 AM     Contract for the next job finally came in the post. Question is, house extension or a proper holiday next year?

06-Feb-2137  8:22 AM     Taking the jellybeans ice skating. Going to try and avoid cutting a chunk out of my shins like last year #festivespirit

11-Feb-2137  11:56 AM     Anyone else struggling to find the perfect present for the wife this year? #NeedXMasHelp

14-Feb-2137  4:15 AM     Kudos to the cashier for not batting an eyelid at the 12 bags of carrots. According to Beth-Bean, we’ve got extra Reindeers visiting…

16-Feb-2137  1:52 PM     Love how excited the jellybeans are. Hanging stockings and putting the mince pies out for Santa = priceless

16-Feb-2137  3:36 PM     Kids asleep, wine for the wife, pint of beer, cheese and crackers, fire on…and that sneaky slice of ham… #perfectevening

17-Feb-2137  8:21 AM     So much food, so much drink = happy belly. Happy holidays, everyone!

23-Feb-2137  5:38 PM     Getting quietly and comfortably drunk with the family and close friends tonight. Enjoy the #NYE celebrations, people!

24-Feb-2137  6:03 AM     Happy New Year, hope your hangover isn’t as bad as mine…

28-Feb-2137  2:03 PM     Anyone else think the quality of movies on during the New Year is just getting worse? #BringBackTheClassics

03-Mar-2137  5:08 AM     Heidi-Bean got teary today when I told her I’d be working away from home for over 1/2 a year. Always tough explaining to the girls

06-Mar-2137  4:03 AM     Realized I haven’t drawn anything for ages so did a sketch of my girls today from that holiday photo. Gonna try and finish it soon.

17-Mar-2137  9:58 AM     Getting a 101 lesson on how to pack my luggage properly…Got a very disapproving look when I said I’d just buy new socks… #LoveYouAnn

21-Mar-2137  1:15 PM     Looking forward to work but gonna miss my wife and jellybeans. Just 8 months and I’ll be back though

26-Mar-2137  3:44 PM     Jellybeans are staying up late tonight for our last family movie night for a while. Forgot how good some of the kids films are, hah!

27-Mar-2137  5:00 AM     And I’m on my way. Space, ol’ buddy, it’s been too long… #YupLoveMyJob

04-Apr-2137  1:20 PM     Landed, safe and sound, Jellybeans. Now, off to meet my new team over dinner.

12-Apr-2137  5:12 AM     A few days in to the new job now. Everything’s looking like it should be pretty straightforward too, so all’s looking good!

12-Apr-2137  3:32 PM     Sometimes, looking out in to that vastness of space really reminds me of why I love this job #SpacePerksOfTheJob

19-Apr-2137  1:12 PM     Just finished 13 hours on a broken drive. Can’t figure out how I’m going to extract everything. Might resort to a screwdriver at this rate!

21-Apr-2137  3:14 PM     Bad end to the day at work. Just completely cut my arm on an exposed wiring sheet when I manually took that damn drive apart 😦

21-Apr-2137  5:42 PM     In the hospital wing. Looks like the arm’s not too bad. Just a few stitches! #LifeOfAnArchivist

23-Apr-2137  3:08 AM     Tweet for you, Ann – don’t worry 🙂 X

23-Apr-2137  4:03 AM     Resting the arm up with a beer and a day watching some old movies from the library collection. Today’s when I miss my girls #Fridays

24-Apr-2137  11:55 AM     Ann, got your transmission about that job back home. Just send the details through. I’ll take a look. Love to the jellybeans x

25-Apr-2137  10:15 AM     Last day and counting to the next job! Weird to realise that one of your childhood dreams are coming true…

25-Apr-2137  2:30 PM     Leaving drinks with the team. Must not have too many beers tonight. It’ll just upset my guts for the travel that’s coming up…

26-Apr-2137  5:40 AM     Prepping for the travel tomorrow. It’s probably the worst part of this job but the thought of finally visiting that station…excited!

27-Apr-2137  12:05 AM     Heading off for a snooze, jellybeans 😉 I’ll be back soon and we’ll start counting down the days until I’m home. Love you girls x

>>> Tanaka spends 126 days in crysleep transit <<<

31-Aug-2137  6:03 AM     It’s AAALLIIIVEE! Back from the land of the sleeping dead. Damn, that snooze always ruins my guts and legs for ages.


31-Aug-2137  9:21 AM     Got the week off to get back to normal. Good thing as my I am rough as old boots. Staying in bed with some quality movies today

01-Sep-2137  4:30 AM     Off to do some exploring. This station is huge! And there’s so many people here. I’ll try and do some sketches of it all! #LSVP322

02-Sep-2137  5:03 AM     Still can’t believe I made it here. What a station! Still remember the day it was launched #Nostalgia #ThoseWereTheDays #LSVP322

02-Sep-2137  5:04 AM     Although the Joes are a bit creepy. They’re everywhere and I still never got over that neck wrinkle. They’d give you nightmares, Jellybeans!

03-Sep-2137  8:34 AM     Checking out the Solomons Galleria for gifts. Heard that most of the stores have closed but still worth a look, especially for some OK food!

04-Sep-2137  12:11 PM     Wrapping your pressies and sending them home on the next cargo ship, Jellybeans! Look out for them X

05-Sep-2137  9:18 AM     Missing you, girls. Sundays aren’t the same without all that noise, nail polish and cartoons… #WishYouWereHere

06-Sep-2137  4:08 AM     First day on the job and wow, there’s a lot to be done. Also going to get to move around the whole station! Looking forward to it! #WorkNerd

06-Sep-2137  11:42 AM     Ann, in case paperwork comes through, the job ref no. is #314041 and the station ref is #LSVP322. Remember to use it if they ask, OK? X

06-Sep-2137       Julia Jones submits her first piece on the downfall of Sevastopol ‘An Outpost Of Progress?’. She reports empty docking bays, boarded up shops and a population one tenth of the stations capacity.

07-Sep-2137  5:23 PM     Instant noodles scoffed down and now sleep. Got a feeling long working hours are the norm here. And that I’ll prob get podgy. Sorry Ann 😉

08-Sep-2137  10:41 AM     Just met this guy called Axel, working in Freight. He’s mouthy, with some crazy ideas and stories but I actually think he’s a good laugh.

10-Sep-2137  6:41 AM     Drunk. The Spot’s frigging awesome. Axel’s awesome. He gave me some ancient walky talkies! Everything is awesome!

10-Sep-2137  1:18 PM     Finishing the week with a beer at The Spot with Axel. The only place for a decent drink here, apparently.

11-Sep-2137  8:50 AM     Hungover. Not feeling so awesome right now.

13-Sep-2137  5:06 AM     Just have to say that I’m currently archiving some awesome stuff. Seriously interesting! Still in the honeymoon period of the job! 😀

14-Sep-2137  7:15 AM     Registered with the doctors today and got Lingard, who seems nice. First set of jabs done (all 5 of them!) #HateInjections

14-Sep-2137  6:38 PM     Research labs are going to take me a while to archive, I reckon but it’s a cool place to be working in this week!

14-Sep-2137  6:51 PM     The Joes are creepy but they’re pretty efficient! They’re helping us clear up a load of data. Sorta glad to know they’re around.

16-Sep-2137  2:33 PM     It’s not quite the same as being home but the chow mein at Xing Xang’s in the Galleria is the closest I’ll get to decent noodles!

16-Sep-2137       Falling behind the recent Hyperdyne/WY 120/A-8 model androids, Seegson Synthetic Solutions attempts, but fails to secure a buyer for their inferior Working Joe models.

17-Sep-2137  11:05 AM     Saw something in a closing gift shop that you’re going to love, Heidi! Don’t worry Beth, I’m keeping an eye out for something for you too X

19-Sep-2137  9:16 AM     Sunday session with Axel, with a burger and beers. The man definitely is a character! Did a sketch of him and will polish it up later.

20-Sep-2137  3:27 AM     Gotta finish Gemini’s research labs this week and I’m not entirely sure it’s possible – still half of the terminals to do #FingersCrossed

21-Sep-2137  4:34 PM     The guys here have a gaming night on Tuesdays, playing old classics. Need to brush up on my skills, my thumbs are cramping after 2 hours!

22-Sep-2137  12:34 PM     A very productive day indeed! #JobDone

22-Sep-2137  1:02 PM     Went back to the docs for my last jabs. I kinda feel for Lingard, the hospital is understaffed and she’s pretty stressed! #KnowHowThatFeels

23-Sep-2137  2:19 PM     Got your transmission, family! Sending one back tonight so keep an eye out for it! Beth, stop trying to steal next door’s cat 😉 x

24-Sep-2137  1:14 PM     Proud of the work the team got done this week! Having a quiet evening in – some #Warps jazz, #RosesThorn and a movie. Any suggestions?

25-Sep-2137  4:08 AM     OK, I admit it Axel, #AMarkedPast was a decent movie shout. That moment with the Stealth Cruiser on that asteroid was brilliant!

27-Sep-2137  2:44 AM     Can now officially say that I’m here because the station is being decommissioned. #314041 confirmed. It was announced today. #Nostalgia

27-Sep-2137       Seegson Corp announces that it is decommissioning and shutting down Sevastopol Station.

28-Sep-2137  9:17 AM     Coloured up my sketch of the #family today on my coffee break. Been working away at it for a while – check it out!


29-Sep-2137  4:46 AM     Been tough these past days. Now that it’s official, people are sad and down. Many have lost their jobs. Hard not to feel sorry for everyone.

30-Sep-2137  5:38 AM     We’ve moved on to the Lorenz Systech Tower archives now. Fairly interesting stuff, especially with a station this size #LSVP323

01-Oct-2137  8:30 AM     Argh, these Arious systems were always a bloody pain. I don’t know how anyone could have ever worked with them #PetHate #NotJobPerks

02-Oct-2137  10:51 AM     It’s a bit of a shell now, but I can imagine how impressive this station used to be. Imagine if the entire family was here, Ann! #Nostalgia

03-Oct-2137  1:26 PM     I miss good burritos. Line them up for me when I get home, Ann. And you Jellybeans aren’t even going anywhere NEAR the nachos! 😉

04-Oct-2137  4:03 AM     Officially confirmed in a Log that I’m a part of the decommissioning. It’s weird, a bit sad but cool to be a part of space history! #314041

05-Oct-2137  2:14 PM     Rallying the team’s spirits with Tuesday gaming night. This time, we’re battling for the top score on the classic…RUNAROUND REX!

06-Oct-2137  2:47 AM     Time to clean sweep the Colonial Marshal Bureau and archive away! Still can’t believe I’m seeing all these areas of the station! #SpaceNerd

06-Oct-2137  9:38 AM     Have I complained about the Arious systems before? Oh, I have? Wonder why! 😀

07-Oct-2137  5:38 AM     Franco, man, if you haven’t checked your messages, do it now. Found some odd stuff in the archives that you should probably look at…

08-Oct-2137  7:06 AM     Who the hell is this Ransome? Axel, buddy, message me. Could do with some insider knowledge.

09-Oct-2137  6:46 AM     Ann, got you a classic poster of #BlushResponse’s #SyntheticConfessions! Found it in this store that was closing up, of all the places!

10-Oct-2137  9:12 AM     Got your latest transmission, Heidi & Beth. Don’t worry, I will definitely be home in time for your birthdays. Yes, with the gifts 😉

11-Oct-2137  3:41 AM     I guess one of the more interesting things about this job is discovering the secrets. Nothing’s sacred in data – remember that, people!

11-Oct-2137  8:29 AM     On a late lunch and remembered I haven’t shown you girls the sketches I’ve finished! Here’s Axel down at The Spot!



11-Oct-2137  8:32 AM     And here’s Lingard. She didn’t look this relaxed when I saw her but I’d imagine this is what she’d be like 🙂


12-Oct-2137  4:18 AM     Another week to tidy up the CMB, San Cristobal and the Exec Suites should do it. Info coming out of my ears! #DataSpaceNerd

12-Oct-2137  7:32 AM     Anyone on the station reading this, don’t eat the Tuesday Tacos from the canteen! #FoodFail #MissRealTacos

13-Oct-2137  5:13 PM     Very long day at work. Finishing it up with an hour of #BeachVista, some #Warps and the last chapter of #HustonsGambit

14-Oct-2137  3:38 PM     Clearly a better writer than your beloved #AdrianneCarter with her romance books, Axel! #DanCoonanWins #HustonIsTheBest

15-Oct-2137  11:44 AM     Discovered some more weird stuff today. There’s only one person to talk to about this, which means another visit to The Spot!

15-Oct-2137  11:45 AM     Anyone else I’ve been talking to about this, feel free to join us!

16-Oct-2137  5:58 AM     Can’t stop thinking that Axel is on to something. I know we’d had a few pints now but what he’s saying is making sense… Need a coffee!

17-Oct-2137  10:26 AM     Wow, this week, I have been all about the #’s. #LoveMyJellybeans #YourDadIsGettingTechSavvy #StreetYo

18-Oct-2137  4:09 AM     Finally know who Ransome is – one of those stuck up corporate types. He came barging in to the area today, trying to boss people about.

18-Oct-2137  4:10 AM     I generally like everyone but I can see why he gets people’s backs up. Wonder if he knows I KNOW he’s been hacking the system…

19-Oct-2137  8:36 AM     A bit behind but 1/2 the team is finally moving on to Engineering for archive. The rest of the guys should be done in the next few days

20-Oct-2137  4:17 PM     Yet another night on instant noodles. It would’ve been great if they’d programmed the Joes with chef cooking skills! #TomYumFlavour is best

20-Oct-2137       The salvage ship Anesidora, under Captain Henry Marlow, finds the Nostromo’s flight recorder as well as the signal from the Derelict on LV-426.

21-Oct-2137  3:46 AM     Just before the weekend and I’ve caught this nasty cold/bug thing. Miss that homemade noodle soup, Ann. Could do with it right now X

22-Oct-2137  7:47 AM     Saw Ransome again on my lunch at the canteen and did a quick sketch. Will finish it on the weekend so you girls can see what he looks like!

23-Oct-2137  9:26 AM     Urgh. Head full of cold and my runny nose is disgusting. Booking in an appointment with the doc. #ManFluProblems

24-Oct-2137  7:01 AM     Relaxing with some sketching, music and an medicinal whisky. All helping with the cold 😉

24-Oct-2137       The Anesidora sets down on LV-426 and investigates the Derelict. Marlow shuts off the beacon, but crewmate Catherine Foster is attacked by a facehugger.

25-Oct-2137  2:57 AM     We’ve got the full team back now, which means we should be able to blitz through the rest of the archives fairly quickly #SighOfRelief

25-Oct-2137  8:03 AM     Here’s my sketch of that Ransome guy. See what I mean? He looks like he’s hard at work but I don’t trust him…



26-Oct-2137       With the hugger now dead, Marlow puts Foster into hypersleep and sets course for Sevastopol to get her checked out.

11-Nov-2137       Anesidora arrives at Sevastopol. Colonial Marshal Chief Waits is reluctant to let them board, but for the fact they’re carrying the Nostromo flight recorder which could have a hefty reward attached.

12-Nov-2137       Weyland Yutani Executive Administrator Nina Taylor advises Sevastopol that representatives from the Company will be travelling to the station shortly to retrieve the flight recorder. Meanwhile Dr Lingard of the San Cristobal medical facility advises Waits that the newly arrived Foster is carrying some sort of parasite.

13-Nov-2137       Marlow is locked up by Waits.

14-Nov-2137       Foster is killed when her chest burster is birthed.

16-Nov-2137  2:33 AM     Went to the docs today and the entire hospital is locked down. Apparently, it was some kinda gas leak. So I’m still a bit ill 😦

16-Nov-2137       Marshal Waits issues a lockdown of San Cristobal and the patients moved in order to try and contain the crisis following the birth of the Alien.

17-Nov-2137  3:06 AM     Heard that the hospital lockdown was ordered by the Marshals, nothing to do with a gas leak. Not quite sure what’s going on. Anyone know?

18-Nov-2137  2:42 AM     The word is that it was still a ‘gas leak’ at the hospital. Not many people are believing it and I still can’t get an appointment 😦

19-Nov-2137  3:01 AM     The boss isn’t saying much about the hospital either. I just feel sorry for anyone who actually needs proper medical care.

19-Nov-2137       USCSS Torrens under Captain Diane Verlaine, heads to Sevastopol carrying Taylor, Amanda Ripley and synthetic Christopher Samuels, to retrieve the Nostromo’s flight recorder.

20-Nov-2137  12:39 PM     Looks like a combo of cold and flu tablets, and a day in bed with old movies have done the trick. Feeling a bit better now! Whoo!

20-Nov-2137       Seegson Exec Ransome contacts Waits about containing the Alien rather than killing it, in order to exploit it for profit.

21-Nov-2137       Weyland-Yutani secretly purchases Sevastopol. Company protocols are installed on Apollo and Special Order 939 is issued. A quarantine and communications lockdown are put in place.

22-Nov-2137  2:22 PM     I know it’s only Monday but it’s been hell and I’m not turning down a pint at The Spot. You’ll find me and Axel there this evening!

22-Nov-2137  3:48 PM     A lot of drunk people here already, including me. The guy behind us is going nuts about not belonging here. Someone’s had too much to drink

22-Nov-2137  7:14 PM     In a cell at the Marshal’s office with a caution. Apparently, I’d had too much beer #FirstTimeForEverything #ReallyNotLikeMe #DontWorryAnn

22-Nov-2137  7:15 PM     I can feel your worried eyes from here Ann 🙂 Don’t worry, I’m OK. Didn’t do anything bad! X

24-Nov-2137  4:16 PM     So, everyone sorta knows I got cautioned. It’s the wildest thing your dad is gonna do, jellybeans! #DontGetArrested #SorryAnn #NotProud

25-Nov-2137  5:26 AM     Called in sick today. Realised that I’d sketched the Marshal when I was in the cell as well! Not bad for a drunkard!




25-Nov-2137       Waits advises the spaceflight terminal employees, that it must be made clear to passengers that there are no scheduled flights leaving Sevastopol. Communication problems begin to occur across the station.

26-Nov-2137  5:22 AM     Anyone else alarmed at the number of people suddenly missing? Swear the number on the board has gone up. How? We’re all in the same place!

26-Nov-2137       Problems start occurring with Working Joe androids attacking Sevastopol personnel.

27-Nov-2137  5:22 AM     So…a few more faces popped up on the missing person’s board today. Saw it on my way back to my room. What the hell is going on?

28-Nov-2137  5:22 AM     Got no answer from the leads about the missing pple. It’s too weird. We’re a team of 6 so if any of us goes missing it’s going to be obvious

29-Nov-2137  3:37 AM     Still no answer from anyone about the missing people. Everyone’s starting to ask questions. I’m totally mystified by it all!

29-Nov-2137  3:22 PM     Ann, I just sent you a transmission. Let me know when you’ve got it, it’s really important. Love you and the Jellybeans X

29-Nov-2137       Tech Support Chief Porter advises Waits that there is nothing on the Nostromo’s flight recorder (despite orders from Taylor that it not be tampered with). It appears to have been corrupted or wiped.

30-Nov-2137  6:20 AM     Overheard people in the canteen queue talking about their messages being blocked. Checked the systems but can’t get far enough to find out.

01-Dec-2137  3:09 AM     Ann, Jellybeans, let me know if you’ve got that transmission – OK? X

02-Dec-2137  7:36 AM     Bumped in to the Marshal again on my lunch, still grumpy and snappy as I remembered him. Seemed real worried about something though.

02-Dec-2137       There is a near-riot in the space-flight terminal when Marshal Waits finally succumbs to public demands to address rumours about the crisis on the station. When he dodge questions, projectiles are thrown, a gun is fired and his staff forcibly remove everyone from the terminal.

03-Dec-2137  3:56 AM     Moved over to Transit today and the Joes here are a bit odd. Keep telling us off for going near certain areas we def have access to. Odd

03-Dec-2137       Parts of the station begin to partially lose power due to issues with the reactor. Over the next week more and more people die, and survivors gather in small groups to protect territory and resources.

04-Dec-2137  9:15 AM     Having a coffee in the Solomons Galleria and hearing more people talk about their messages being blocked, it’s really worrying 😦

04-Dec-2137  8:12 PM     Girls, I’ve still not got a transmission back from you. Everything OK at home? Did you get my message? Really hope comms aren’t blocked X

06-Dec-2137  3:13 AM     Something’s up with one of the Joes in Transit, went weird and wouldn’t let Sanders get to the legacy data room – started pushing him back!

06-Dec-2137  3:14 AM     Franco, can we just make sure that Joe is looked in to tomorrow? We need that legacy data and also, it’s just odd behaviour. Thanks!

06-Dec-2137  3:46 PM     Can’t stop thinking about how weird that Joe acting up was…Never seen anything like it. These type of Synthetics just don’t do that.

07-Dec-2137  2:59 AM     It wasn’t just the Joe in Transit that went odd – heard about one doing the same in the Exec Suites – wouldn’t let one of the Execs through!

07-Dec-2137  3:21 AM     Just had an update that the Joe got aggressive and broke the exec’s arm! Seriously, what is happening? They’ve never done that before!

08-Dec-2137  2:39 AM     Really angry. Turns out comms were locked down 2 weeks ago and no one can message out! People were trying to report the Joes but couldn’t!

08-Dec-2137  2:40 AM     No wonder my Transmissions haven’t got home! Ann, if you can still see this, let people know our comms have been shut off!

08-Dec-2137  7:57 AM     Been told of another Joe attack. Axel’s pal got kicked to the floor when he tried to use an elevator not in his work area. What the hell?

08-Dec-2137  8:01 AM     Don’t care if comms is down, I’m carrying on with these tweets. If there’s a remote chance it someone can see it, I’m going to keep on!

08-Dec-2137  11:38 AM     Ann, talk to my contractor and tell him what’s going on! 100s of people being affected here. Remember the job reference number, #314041 X

09-Dec-2137  2:41 AM     We’re avoiding the Synthetics at work but they’re starting to get super aggressive. Can’t go any where near them without one going crazy!

09-Dec-2137  5:12 AM     No one’s answering our questions about the Joes so no one knows what’s happening to them or why. How we’re supposed to work like this?

09-Dec-2137  8:19 AM     To top it off, the missing people situation is getting serious. I didn’t realise it but so many have disappeared and no one knows why! #WTH

09-Dec-2137  8:20 AM     Posters & photos everywhere of the ones who have disappeared since they’re blocking comms. Really hope someone explains what’s going on soon

10-Dec-2137  12:12 AM     Barely slept all night. Everything’s escalated so quickly. There’s more people disappearing and still no answer from the Seegson honchos.

10-Dec-2137  1:05 AM     We’ve been told to stay in our quarters and not head in to work today. Things are getting out of control. The internal news is going mad.

10-Dec-2137  4:08 AM     Apparently, people are arming up for protection but from what? Someone, just tell us what’s happening! CMB has been swamped [cont]

10-Dec-2137  4:09 AM     with people wanting answers. Why won’t they just tell us what’s happening with the Joes and the missing people? Are they looking for them?

10-Dec-2137  9:08 AM     Ann, so you know, I’m armed. Axel got me a weapon, just in case. I won’t use it unless I have to but I’ll be safer with it. I miss you X

10-Dec-2137  9:39 PM     Just heard gunshots and shouting outside of my door. I don’t think anyone got hurt but my God! I’m OK by what the hell is going on?

11-Dec-2137  5:54 AM     I’ve been hacking the data systems and can’t get anywhere. Wanted to find a way of getting comms out or finding out what’s going on [cont]

11-Dec-2137  5:55 AM     but no luck. Apollo has locked everything down. Going to carry on trying though. There’s got to be a way to send transmissions out.

11-Dec-2137  8:14 AM     If anyone finds any of this, please help us. My name is Mike Tanaka, ref #314041, on Seegson station #LSVP322 in the Zeta Reticuli region.

11-Dec-2137  10:39 AM     Axel came by with beers. Don’t know where he got them and how he got here with everything happening but I’d never been happier to see him!

11-Dec-2137  2:17 PM     Ann, Heidi, Beth, I love you girls. So much. I’ll get home, I swear. Axel’s going to help me and we’re both getting out of here. We’ll be OK

11-Dec-2137       The Torrens arrives at Sevastopol.

12-Dec-2137  2:26 AM     Spent the night awake and clutching the gun. I could hear noise and screams outside. I’m so tired and saddened by everything.

12-Dec-2137  7:56 AM     People are gathering at the Spaceflight terminal for tomorrow, the Marshal is going to say something. Just tell us the truth, Seegson!

13-Dec-2137  3:16 AM     It went badly, everyone’s gone crazy. The Marshal didn’t giving us any answers and there’s nothing official from Seegson, still!

13-Dec-2137  3:17 AM     Lots of people just wanting to know the truth and those with family and friends missing just want to know where they are. Where’s the help?

13-Dec-2137  3:18 AM     It just went insane, fights are breaking out! They’ve closed down the Spaceflight Terminals and no one can get in or out! What the hell!

13-Dec-2137  3:21 AM     If anyone can see this – HELP US! We need to get out of here! Someone needs to send help! ANYONE! PLEASE HELP US!

13-Dec-2137  4:03 AM     I can’t believe what’s happening. This is just madness. Someone, just help us! Ann, if you’re seeing this, please send help! help us!

14-Dec-2137  4:39 AM     Fights are breaking out everywhere. Shit, I’m scared. I have to find some more food soon, haven’t got enough to last me the week in my room

14-Dec-2137  7:08 AM     Fuck. Just got mugged by a couple of guys outside near my room. Shit, everyone’s just gone feral. I can’t stay in this room, it’s not safe.

14-Dec-2137  7:44 AM     Called Axel on those walky talkies he gave me a while back. Need to get out of these quarters. The security here is just not safe, scares me

14-Dec-2137  12:24 PM     Jellybeans, Ann, I’m OK. Axel sneaked me to somewhere a little safer. God knows how long it will stay safe for but I’m grateful. I’m OK.

14-Dec-2137  7:47 PM     Can’t sleep. I can hear more gunshots and screams outside. I wish I’d never taken this job. I’m so sorry Ann. So sorry. I miss you all X

14-Dec-2137  10:19 PM     Apparently, the bodies look like they’ve been mauled. I’ve never heard Axel sound so sick and upset. I don’t know what’s going on any more.

15-Dec-2137  2:11 AM     My new room is holding up so far. I heard people shouting outside for survivors today, they’re splintering in to groups for looting.

15-Dec-2137  4:33 AM     Axel’s checking out what’s happening but I’m staying here. Still trying to hack the system to reset comms & find out what is going on

15-Dec-2137  5:49 AM     Christ, Axel’s saying there’s dead bodies turning up. Not killed by guns, by something else, like some sort of animal. WTH? Can’t be right!

15-Dec-2137  10:19 AM     So homesick and scared that I put on a #Vista of the suburbs that look a bit like home. I miss you girls so much X

15-Dec-2137  10:43 PM     Can’t sleep again. Just thinking of those poor dead people. More are turning up on the missings board every day and still no help

16-Dec-2137  1:26 AM     What’s killing these people if it’s not other people? Been looking through the old archives I’ve got and there’s nothing here. What is it?

16-Dec-2137  4:19 AM     Axel’s saying it’s definitely not a person doing this to the bodies. Unless there’s one sick bastard out there. What the hell can it be?

16-Dec-2137  11:55 AM     I keep hearing shouts, screams and gunshots. Everyone’s just fighting each other. Does anyone even know about this weird animal?

16-Dec-2137  4:11 PM     Just heard something loud in the vents above me. It was loud and definitely not human. I have no idea what it is. Fuck. I’m scared.

17-Dec-2137  2:11 AM     Maybe tiredness made me hear whatever it was in the vents last night. Lack of sleep does things to you. Sure it had to be human.

17-Dec-2137  5:54 AM     Remember our last beach holiday, Ann and Jellybeans? How funny you girls found it, burying me in sand as I was napping? Hah 🙂 I miss you X

17-Dec-2137  7:02 AM     I sneaked out to raid the small locker nearby. I don’t think anyone’s found it yet, it’s not been destroyed. Took everything this time.

17-Dec-2137  11:47 AM     Everything’s turned to shit here. God, it’s a fucking nightmare. The station is being destroyed and there’s blood trails all over the place

17-Dec-2137  12:20 PM     HELP. PLEASE. My name is Mike Tanaka, REF #314041, on Seegson station #LSVP322, Zeta Reticuli region. ANYONE WHO SEES THIS, PLEASE HELP!

17-Dec-2137  12:49 PM     So I don’t forget it myself – locker combo is 2931. Your combined birthday days, Jellybeans 🙂 X

17-Dec-2137  3:26 PM     Haven’t heard from Axel all day and can’t get him on the walky talkies. Hope you’re OK, buddy. Be careful and stay safe!

18-Dec-2137  12:03 AM     Woke up and there’s screams everywhere. Not the normal screams. Fuck. I don’t know what to do. Help us someone! REF #314041, #LSVP322

18-Dec-2137  2:11 AM     There’s a little girl screaming. There’s something else, it’s not human. I’ve got to go and help. I’ve got my gun, don’t worry Ann x

20-Dec-2137  10:19 AM     It’s happening again, got to go and find out what it is. It’s more screams. Another child. I have to see what’s happening. Love you, girls x

20-Dec-2137  10:34 AM     



20-Dec-2137  10:35 AM     thats it

20-Dec-2137  10:36 AM     my name is mike tanaka, id #314041. on seegson #LSVP322. someone needs to know. Please help us.


20-Dec-2137  10:37 AM     I love you so much ann, heidie and beth. Ive left a audio record. Please findit. I;m so sorry. I love you all. (This is the last message from Mike Tanaka)




The tweets were part of the Alien: Isolation marketing campaign. They were issued from fictional character Mike Tanaka‘s Twitter account, @MikeTanaka2095. The messages were posted from December 5, 2013 (a month before the formal announcement of the game on January 7, 2014) and October 6, 2014 (the day before the game was released).  Within his messages, Tanaka posted the access passcode to his locker.

When sorting the tweets with the archive logs, I first just changed the year on the tweets to match the time frames of the game’s events, but still they are off a bit due to the real-time nature of the tweets. The one common date between the logs and tweets is the date that Seegson Corp. announced the decommissioning of Sevastopol Station: September 27, 2137. Using that date as a key, I modified the tweet dates but left the their pacing intact.


Special thanks to the creative team behind Alien: Isolation who dreamed this up. Also to Scott Middlebrook for his compilation of the Archive Logs, from which I borrowed. Posthumous thanks to Mike Tanaka for the intimate view into his last days.


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