Inspired by military uniform buttons of the French Restoration Period.  These patches bear the ship’s name and serial number and were worn by all crewmembers on the shoulders of all shirts and jackets.  They were also featured on the crown of the official cap, worn only by Brett (Harry Dean Stanton).



Designer:  Ron Cobb

Commemorates the United States’ 300th anniversary.  Worn only by Brett.


U.K.-7 Patch

Designer:  Ron Cobb

Commemorates the establishment of United Kingdom settlements on Mars and Titan.  Worn only by Kane (John Hurt) on the buttocks of his uniform.




Designer:  John Mollo

Designed on a suggestion by Ridley Scott to use an ancient Egyptian motif for the company logo.  This patch is worn by all the Officers (not Brett).  In one case, Captain Dallas (Tom Skerritt) can be seen wearing a gold braid version from an earlier issue.




Designer:  John Mollo

A simpler Egyptian wing for use by general crew and company personnel.  Can be seen most prominently on the t-shirt of Lambert (Veronica Cartwright).


Worn by Dallas, Ripley and Kane.  Dallas has one on each collar, one on his left breast and one glued to his belt buckle.  Kane has one on each collar and Ripley wears only one on her left breast.



Worn by Ash (Ian Holm), one on each collar.



Worn by Lambert, one on each collar.



Worn by Parker (Yaphet Kotto) and Brett.  Parker wears one on each collar, but Brett wears only one on his left breast in the center of the wings patch of a previous employer.


At no time in ALIEN is the name Weylan-Yutani used nor is the Company ever referred to by name, but it is there nonetheless.  In the commissary scene, oddly enough, Weylan-Yutani is clearly visible on a beer can.  But even more indicative of Ridley Scott’s insistence on detail, we discovered while examining the costumes that the name Weylan-Yutani was stenciled onto each character’s underwear.  Yes, even on Ripley’s (Sigourney Weaver) famous underwear in the confrontation scene.

JOHN MOLLO: “Ridley is a great stickler for detail so we had a rubber Weylan-Yutani stamp made and went about madly labeling everything.  Also, because Ridley wanted everything to look well worn and live in, we washed, scraped and even sandpapered the costumes many times before they were ever worn.”

“Weylan-Yutani was Ron’s invention and we all liked the sound of it.  The name and the Egyptian wings were hotly pursued at the beginning, but we eventually dropped the words and just used the wings as a logo.”

RON COBB:  “One of the things I enjoyed most about ALIEN was its subtle satirical content.  Science Fiction films offer golden opportunities to throw in little scraps of information that suggest enormous changes in the world.  There’s a certain potency in those kinds of remarks.  Weylan-Yutani for instance is almost a joke, but not quite.  I wanted to imply that poor old England is back on its feet and has united with the Japanese, who have taken over the building of spaceships the same way they have now with cars and supertankers.  In coming up with a strange company name I thought of British Leyland and Toyota, but we obviously couldn’t use Leyland-Toyota in the film.  Changing one letter gave me Weylan, and Yutani was a Japanese neighbor of mine.  I also thought it would be fun to develop a logo using the W and Y interlocking.  We tried a lot of variations and came up with some very industrial looking symbols, which were to be stenciled all over the ship.  By that time, though Ridley was already set on using the Egyptian wing motif.  We tried some combinations, but they didn’t really work.  Weylan-Yutani now only appears on the beer can, underwear and some stationary, so the joke sort of got lost.

ALIEN:  The Authorized Portfolio of Crew Insignias – Concepts and Derivations, The Thinking Cap Company.  Copyright 1980





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