Kane, G. W.

W E YL A N – Y U T A N I



NAME:    Kane, G. W.
POST:    Executive Officer

SEX: Male (natural)
NAT: United Kingdom/EU  (Dual)
DOB: 20 Apr 2083
POB: Borehamwood/Herts-UK/EU
IDN: 825/G9-01K
FLT:  A    SEC:  B    MEN:  A    PHY:  B

11 Sep 2096 – 23 May 2100 :  Attends Weatherly Private School. Graduates with honors.

19 Sep 2100 – 30 May 2104 :  Attends Gunning Foss Military School. Graduates at top of his class.

06 Sep 2104 – 13 Feb 2108 :  Attends Bryce-Watkins Medical University.  Expelled for substance abuse.  Treated for drug-inflicted embolism and stress. Treatment SUCCESSFUL. (Medscan CERT#81712F)

16 Sep 2108 – 18 May 2112 :  Attends Wellington Academy (Suffolk.)  Graduates with Masters of Engineering. (Flight Status C)

28 Oct 2112 – 02 Nov 2113 :  Participates in UK/EU archeological dig on Konor Minor.  Co-supervises Eldorado Exploring Expedition with Dr. Elisabeth Monygham.

17 Jun 2114 :  Marries Dr. Elisabeth Monygham. (JCL#67-2309)

09 Jun 2115 :  Dr. Elisabeth Monygham killed in decompression accident on Kellerat (LB-329).

01 Dec 2115 :  Request for reassignment APPROVED. (UK/EU REF#2109EB/03)

14 Dec 2115 – 29 Oct 2117 :  Serves as Mission Analyst on UK/EU colonial expedition in the Outer Rim Territories. (Flight Status B)

01 Nov 2117 – 13 Jul 2118 :  Serves as First Officer on UK/EU colonial transport vessel HMS Sabretooth, under Captain Redd. (Flight Status BA)

21 Sep 2118 – 19 Dec 2119 :  Serves as Executive Officer on Weylan-Yutani salvage vessel USCSS Kenamor, under Captain Kahn. (Flight Status AB)

05 Jan 2120 – present :  Serves as Executive Officer on Weylan-Yutani commercial towing vehicle USCSS Nostromo, under Captain Dallas. (Flight Status A)

Glossary of terms found in the Flight Plan and Crew Manifest


Based on the computer readout in the opening scenes of Alien and the Flight Plan document in the DVD hidden extras, it is inferred that the events in the movie transpire on June 3, 2122.  Based on the birthdate given above, Kane would have been 39 years of age.  John Hurt was 38 when the movie was filmed.


  • Alien: 20th Anniversary Special Edition DVD. Flight plan and Nostromo crew biographies found in the hidden extras. June 1, 1999.