VESSEL:  Nostromo, U.S.C.S.S.
TYPE :  Commercial Towing Vehicle
REGISTRATION NO:  1809246(09)
CREW: Seven (cryosleep mode)


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[9376-FGD5] // Dallas, Arthur C. // CaptainAPTAIN
[9376-FGD4] // Kane, Gilbert W. // Executive Officer
[9376-FGDB] // Ripley, Ellen L. // Warrant Officer
[9376-FGD3] // Ash, NFN NMI // Science Officer
[9376-FGD2] // Lambert, Joan M. // Navigator
[9376-FGD1] // Parker, Dennis M. // Chief Engineer
[9376-FGBA] // Brett, Samuel E. // Engineering Tech


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Editor’s note:  The events and dates in the crew profiles shown in Aliens at Ripley’s hearing are not consistent with previously established data released in the Alien SE DVD.  In an attempt to create a single record for each crew member with some consistency, I have blended both sets of profiles, using the Alien SE DVD material as lead source.  Dates have been adjusted formulaically in an attempt to produce more coherent documents that benefit from the rich detail in the crew profiles.  Since the DVD profiles were not adjusted, these documents complement Scott’s work at The Alien Universe Timeline.

Click here for the crew manifest from the Special Edition DVD.

Click here for the crew dossiers from the The Anthology Archives Blu-ray.


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