“In space, no one can hear you scream.”

In deep outer space the crew of a commercial spaceship make an unscheduled landing on a barren and desolate planet for engine repairs.  They encounter a pulsating organism which attached itself to one of the crew members and reproduces within his body to become the deadly ALIEN.  As each of the crew members is slain by the creature — one by one — the final confrontation between the last surviving crew member and the Alien culminates in an explosive conclusion.

—from the CBS/FOX Video videocassette teaser ©1984

(original lobby poster, from the Internet Movie Database)


Stop reading if you have not yet seen the film.  (Yes, there are still folks out there who’ve yet to discover the terror.)



What is Alien about?

At its simplest, Alien is the story of a young woman’s struggle against a vicious alien aboard an interstellar spacecraft.

Of course, there is much more to the story, as you can see in the official trailer.



The commercial space vessel Nostromo is traveling through deep space to Earth, when the course of its journey is interrupted by a peculiar transmission.  Rules dictate that the crew detour and investigate.

During a harrowing landing, the ship is damaged.  While the repairs are underway, a trio of explorers investigate the source of the transmission and discover a derelict spacecraft.  One of the explorers is attacked by a small creature found within.  They return to the now-repaired Nostromo and blast off for home.

The stricken crewman awakens, but dies as an unexpected creature bursts from his chest and flees into the depths of the ship.  While searching for it, the crew discover the creature has grown and its lethal nature is revealed.

The remaining crew struggle against the creature and the very company for which they work.

In the final moments, the creature is confronted with little more than raw determination.

Safe at last, the last survivor settles into cryosleep, at peace.


What began as a “B-movie” idea that grew beyond that into an enduring piece of art, Alien has spawned three sequels, numerous books and comics, video games, and prequel films.

There is even an “Alien Day” recognized annually on April 26 with special marketing treats and releases.   (The date is inspired by the retconned name for the planetoid, LV-426.)

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