Happy New Year, from The Nostromo Files!


It’s just after midnight here in the US Central Time Zone, and I’ve left publishing this post to the faithful automation of BO-TH-ER 1000, who keeps things running without me at the keyboard. (It’s hard to type and blow this blasted New Year horn!)

Yes, this is the time of year for reflection, and I suppose I’m not immune…

I’ve never done an end-of-year roundup (and did not intend to), but this is what came rattling out of my head and I was surprised at what I’d had fun with this year. This is most of it:

Apparently, I shared a lot of artwork, but that wasn’t all. There was news from Stan Magda about his Nostromo Crew Watch. There was artwork of Dejan Dolšak‘s vision of Thedus and The Solomons.

I dug up the Alien: Blackout artwork of Markus Tervola and shared news about a desktop emulator for the game. There was Pat Presley‘s spaceship art, The Turtle, certainly a cousin to the Nostromo‘s design aesthetics.

Michał Karcz‘s atmospheric LV 426 Recon showed familiar imagery of the Nostromo space suit in an evocative setting. The visual feast of Eugene Melnikov‘s “Nostromo Mess Deck” project also gave us plenty to enjoy!

A poet named Mitchel Ring guest-posted his thoughts in “Films of a Decade I Never Knew”.

I found a cool jacket idea after seeing this “inclusive” image from the mind of Pascal Blanché.

The world witnessed a colossal faux pas when the Ever Given stopped commercial shipping traffic for days. And to remind me of terrestrial versions of the Nostromo, there is always Will Dorp‘s Random Ships 88 post.

And in the collectibles department, Sideshow debuted the Alien Big Chap Statue limited time offer.

I started a post about dreams in Alien and along the way found inspiration in Krister Lindberg’s unearthly imagery and thought-provoking quotations used on his website.

In typical fanatic fashion, I overanalyzed Aliens video images of a certain Warrant Officer’s kangaroo-court and wondered: Did Ripley stand a chance at the inquest?

I made a new friend in Adam Ezekiel (aka nostromocrew) and learned of his obsession for producing Nostromo crew-wear.

I discovered Jim Steranko’s 1981 Adaption of the Movie ‘Outland’! and helped a fan usher in A Chronological Soundtrack Suite for Alien: Isolation.

For astronomy fans, I shared discovery of Kevin Hall‘s New Kind of Star Chart, a work that’s nice as a piece of art, but it goes beyond that.

Jan van de Klooster‘s fresh take on a Weyland Yutani Autonomous Mining and Refinery Plant gave my imagination a boost from getting stuck in the same old imagery. There was also a look at Keith Whittington‘s take on Ripley.

I finally got around to asking Scott Middlebrook about making the Alien Universe Timeline Star Map, and discovered (with great excitement) the USCSS Sotillo by Lee Fitzgerald.

Alan Dean Foster published The Director Should’ve Shot You, his memoir of his film and TV novelization experiences. I stumbled upon Mark Normington’s future of system terminals…, found someone who’d created three versions of Ron Cobb’s Semiotic Standard for Alien, and shared that Dakophyntix Explores Alien: Isolation.

Steve Howarth published his “Moon” book and Mike Humphrey’s ALIEN poster got on the radar. Dead Sea Navigators, whose Man from Havana plays from Sevastopol Station’s radios) dropped a new single.

There were creative Málagans who recreated the Nostromo, we got an announcement that there’s a new Ron Cobb book due in 2022, and Krister Lindberg‘s resplendent painting, 426 E 7, was posted.

After years of procrastination, I put together a Nostromo Flight Jacket, on a Shoestring Budget, discovered Eric Moore‘s delightful Alien In Character podcast, and enjoyed the marvel that is HMR’s Halcyon Nostromo build.

Mr. E Models unboxed Alien: Fate of the Nostromo and followed up with a game-play demo. And lest we doubt his Alien aficionado status, be well-advised: he knows his laser guns.

Alien: Isolation (2014) Grids, Heroes, Logos, and Icons showed up on Steam’s website, and the old TNF Nostromo deck plans page garnered almost 3,000 views this past year. (I almost hate to update them and spoil the fun…)

Sadly, Yaphet Kotto and sci-fi film writer J. W. Rinzler died this year, both talents whose works we will enjoy for years to come!

If you made it this far, thank you for taking time to walk back through TNF. I appreciate you for reading this blog and hope to continue providing my peculiar brand of funky and foolish Alien coverage in 2022!

Happy New Year!

I found this funky image at Dave Schmid’s website, and altered it to fit my needs. Seems he posted it back in 2009 to celebrate the new year. Not sure if he owns it, but his appreciation of the old-school computer aesthetic is worth a nod.


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