Adam Savage dons Nostromo Crew Uniform, with great gusto!


Adam Ezekiel, Nostromo Clothier Extraordinaire, sent a set of his Nostromo crew clothing to fellow Alien geek Adam Savage. With great results!

(To keep things straight, I will be referring to them hereafter by their surnames)

Savage covers lots of details that Ezekiel researched and put into his garments, and models the shirts and pants to demonstrate their wearability and the craftsmanship that went into them.

Savage gives lots of insights as he tries things on, so you can really get a sense of how the clothing fits, sipping from an authentic Tupperware coffee cup the whole time.

Ezekiel included in the package a belt and a pen, both authentic to the original wardrobe. But enough teasing…

…with great pleasure, The Nostromo Files shares Adam Savage’s unboxing of the Nostromo Crew Uniform sent him by Adam Ezekiel.

For more of our coverage of Adam Ezekiel’s work (aka nostromocrew), click here.

Bravo, Adam Ezekiel!



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