Alien: Isolation (2014) Grids, Heroes, Logos, and Icons.


Approximately 150 digital goodies are available in a nice cache set aside by Steam (a video game digital distribution service by Valve) for those needing animated or fixed graphics to dress things up.

Everything from glitching monitors, strobing lights on helmets, the Big Chap slobbering slime, a tiny Sevastopol Station orbiting storm-tossed KG-348… it’s all there for the taking for use with your Steam user interface.

Or any other Alien: Isolation-related graphic work.

It’s been about seven years since the game dropped, but I never get tired of seeing these environments. Especially when there isn’t a hunting alien on my trail.

I’m not sure how long these assets will be posted, so get ’em while you can! Click here…




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