“Better Break out the Weapons”


And with those terse words, Dallas’ line gives the audience of Alien (1979) some sense of security as we ponder what horrors might await the crew on the desolate planetoid on which they’ve crashed.

Other than in behind-the-scenes photographs, or in the extended scene of Kane approaching the alien egg, the pistols are never seen in the finished movie.

Prop-replica makers around the world have made some very nice versions of the pistol, given there are lots of photo references.

In this post today, I wanted to share with you a show-and-tell of one particular Nostromo pistol, assembled by Eric Moore (Alien In Character podcast).

Unfortunately for me, Facebook and WordPress aren’t getting along, so I am unable to embed the video.

So take a double-click over to Alien in Character on Facebook and watch Eric describe his pistol replica.

Perhaps this will give you some ideas for your own Nostromo pistol?



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