Alien, Cosmic horror. by Krister Lindberg.


Alien (1979) opens with a slow pan of deep space and haunting soundtrack, introducing us, its audience, to a tension that will uncoil before our eyes and strike before we can blink!

Artwork like Krister Lindberg’s invokes that chill down my spine feeling from 40 years ago, with its barely perceived horror just at the edge of awareness, against a nebulous, ambiguous (outer) space backdrop.

426 E 7, by Krister Lindberg

Cosmic horror, man. Dig it…

I like the spooky quality Krister’s piece elicits: the monster might be slowly coming toward me through Nostromo‘s murky passageways, its vicious intent barely hidden in the venting gases…

Now, where’s the damned cat?

Find more of Krister’s Alien art at



  1. Been thinking about that, what is it about a forty-year-old movie that still manages to draw our attention, share experiences and favour those discussions about any related topic. I don’t think we choose to desire anything like a favourite colour, certain books or a movie that just feels right. There is no deliberate volition, it’s just there, hidden in the genetic coding sequence in us ALIEN aficionados. Quietly waiting for us to inadvertently find that cognitive key that allows access to those pleasant chills down the spine and our intuition recognise this as a good place to be. With kind regards. Krister.

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