Nostromo patches, framed.


I recently added a very nice, one-of-a-kind item to The Nostromo Files’ collection —- made by Adam Ezekiel (aka Nostromocrew), and wanted to share that with you all.

If you’re like me, you don’t have a spare bedroom in which to pack tons of collectibles, so you tend to pick and choose your treasures wisely.

When I first met Adam online, we talked about a Nostromo-jacket replica. He was very generous in working with me on that, but ultimately, my painful decision not to buy one had everything to do with the reality of wearing such a nice replica in the Gulf South’s sweltering temperatures that rarely see more than a couple of days of heavy jacket wear in our “winters.”

The more I learned about Adam’s project, and the incredible amount of research he has done on the jackets to make them as accurate as possible, I came to realize I needed to consider some other option to adding samples of his finely-detailed work to my collection.

So what’s a guy to do? Well, read on…

I remembered the framed pair of wings that he gifted a well-known prop-maker and it was the seed-idea for what turned into a very nice presentation for me.

From there, we talked about some options and the wheels of his zealous imagination for these things begin to turn in earnest, coming up with the perfect outcome to meet the commission I requested!

And when you see the following photos, I think you will see that Adam Ezekiel is the right kind of Alien fan with which to do business!

This was my first dip into the pool of commission work and it was a very pleasant experience. Thanks, Adam!

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For direct links to Adam’s Replica Prop Forum (RPF) posts:

1979 ALIEN – NOSTROMO CREW UNIFORM – Accurate Reproduction


Adam’s other internet outlets:

Nostromocrew on Instagram




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