Update: Chiltern Image Service offers “Int. Vehicle Stowage Area” print.


Mike messaged me today to say that the Etsy Store mentioned below has since closed, but there is good news: he is still taking orders for the print! If you want to purchase a giclee print then contact him using through his Instagram page (click the image directly below).

I originally published this post on October 17, 2018 and after purchasing a copy for myself, can vouch for its quality and detail.

Mike Humphrey (Chiltern Image Service) is selling 119×76 cm copy prints (scanned from the original 1190x763mm drawing) of the “Internal Vehicle Stowage Area – Part Plan and Elevations” blueprint as created for ALIEN by Alan Tomkins!

This blueprint shows the garage walls (with inset doors) on the left and right sides fo the chamber, as well as the floor plan and views of the set.

A choice piece!

ALIEN 1979 Movie Drawing. Giclee print fine art by Alan Tomkins. Image property of Chiltern Image Service.
One of the walls is partially obscured by the tracked vehicle, on the right side of this frame.
Another view of a garage wall section in the background, obscured by the tracked trailer, from a different angle.

The copy artwork is printed on Satin Photo paper and since it was photographically scanned from the original blueprint, it comes complete with the creases, stains, and other blemishes of the original.

If you want to purchase one, visit the Etsy site for more information.

Special thanks to the eagle-eyed fan who reported this gem!


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