Réplicas de Cine Málaga – Recreates the Nostromo.


One of our Network probes in the Outer Rim picked up a signal today, out of Málaga: it seems that there is a group of friends there who call themselves Réplicas de Cine, and boy, have they been busy!

According to their very nice website, they are a non-profit cultural association who are passionate about horror, science fiction, fantasy and historical films. And they build set pieces of them!

Like the Nostromo

Such attention to detail would seem to make this set replica camera-ready for any short film in a fan-director’s head.

Not only do they recreate scenes (and creatures!) from Alien franchise, but also Predator, Star Wars, Gremlins, E. T. The Extra-Terrestrial, and Ghostbusters.

Amazing stuff!

I wrote to find out more about them. Carlos Bernal described their work this way:

We’re just fans, and our hobby is recreating movie scenes with full-scale replicas, but we don’t do this professionally.

To make the decorations we use many different materials: wood slats, plywood, polystyrene, recycled material … and then a good coat of paint. For example, the eggs in the nest scene are made of cork and lined with paper and glue. The door frames were made with polystyrene and some electrical boxes, with polystyrene. The laboratory table is carved from polystyrene. We are using what comes to mind and that weighs little.

As this hobby is very expensive, we try to set up exhibitions in order to finance the activity.

Here are a few other shots they shared with me of their works in progress…

Read more about these fellows here:

Alien Nostromo Display interactivo Alien

Alien Nostromo | Réplicas de Cine Málaga – Recreación escenas de cine en Málaga

and at their Instagram account.

(Many thanks to Carlos Bernal for information and photographs.)




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