“Moon” modeler Steve Howarth publishes new book.


In today’s high-tech world of internet flash (and trash!), we get a lot of behind-the-scenes movie-magic pablum pushed out with the transience of a pixel. So when someone takes the time to actually assemble their thoughts into a physical book, it gets my attention!

And the one that’s gotten my attention is this gem by Steve Howarth, a master of the “old-school” style, applied in Moon (2009), wherein he worked as model shop supervisor overseeing the model unit. His book is entitled, Up to The Moon: Over 35 years of Freelance Modelmaking, Propmaking and Sculpting for Industry, Film & Television.

In between its covers, Steve has put together a 275-page photo-filled memoir of his career making moving images magical! It will be interesting to see photos of his work outside the film/TV industry as well.

I’ll be buying this one sight-unseen, given my past experience with Steve’s generosity with his time (answering pesky questions from fans like me), as well as the wonderful photos he’s shared online with us over the years (especially of his original Talon spacecraft!)

His design and construction styles so boldly evoke the practical effects of 1970s British sci-fi TV that fans of that genre — like me — will likely find much here to enjoy.

The book’s subtitle says “Part One,” hinting that there may be plans to continue telling his story at some point. Why not support that cause by getting a copy of this very affordable entry in the history of science-fiction model-making?


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