More of Lee Fitzgerald’s SOTILLO.


Remember last month when I shared that Lee FitzgeraldSotillo” artwork with you? Well, the crafty artist is back with more…

this time, replacing Nostromo in some shots you might well find quite familiar…

When I saw this one, I fell out of my chair!

Alien‘s story didn’t have time (or money) to waste showing off the ship’s landing configuration. We got a lot of detail, considering it was 1979, but they didn’t attempt this kind of shot.

Prometheus showed us how a high-tech ship might deploy, but here in Lee’s Sotillo, we see how a blue-collar-class ship lays it out… Nostromo-style.

As you can see, Lee really (really!) gets the Alien vibe and I am ecstatic that these were shared… and done in such an original way.

Go see the rest of the shots in Lee’s ArtStation gallery. You’ll love the rotating Sotillo!

Keep ’em comin’, Lee! The Nostromo Files gives the Sotillo a rating of six “Aspens” (cuz who ever heard of a “5-pack”?). Cheers!



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