Tension by Sigourney Weaver. Artwork by Keith Whittington.

The last time I saw Keith Whittington‘s appealing artwork, it was exteriors and spacecraft. It looks as though he has moved on to interiors and people, with equal aplomb.

Here we have his take on Ripley, all alone on Nostromo in Act 2 of the film… Alone, except for the alien.

Artwork property of Keith Whittington.

It’s an intense moment in the film, and when I saw this painting, it brought to mind this creepy tableau in Alan Dean Foster’s novelization:

[Ripley] peered around the jamb of the locker entrance. What remained showed her how the alien had succeeded in squeezing [Parker and Lambert] into the airshaft.

Then she was running, running. Blindly, a little madly, neither thinking or caring. Walls reached out to stun her and slow her down, but nothing halted her crazed flight. She ran until her lungs hurt. They reminded her of Kane and the creature that had matured inside him, next to his lungs. That in turn reminded her of the alien.

All that thinking brought her back to her senses. Gulping for breath, she slowed and took stock of her surroundings. She’d run the length of the ship. Now she found herself standing alone in the middle of the engine room.

She heard something and stopped breathing. It was repeated, and she let out a cautious sigh. The sound was familiar, human. It was the sound of weeping.

Alien. Alan Dean Foster. Warner Books, 1979. Book Club Edition. Pp.178-179.

Now, whether that’s what Keith had on his mind only he knows. But that’s where his painting landed in my mind, and that’s good enough for me.

Pop on over to Keith’s Facebook page and leave him an encouraging comment, if you enjoyed seeing this imagery.




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