USCSS Sotillo by Lee Fitzgerald.

From the “things you might have missed on Alien Day 2021” files, here’s a spot-on piece of spaceship art that hits all the buttons: Lee Fitzgerald‘s USCSS Sotillo:

The Sotillo is not some random name, though. It comes from Joseph Conrad’s Nostromo, where it is the name of a character. It is also in the Company personnel file of E. L. Ripley (Alien 40th Anniversary DVD, Easter eggs):

06 Nov 2119 – 12 Jul 2120 : Serves as Warrant Officer on Weylan-Yutani cargo vehicle USCSS Sotillo, under Captain Rosendo.

So Lee has done his due diligence!

Lee is based in Toronto, Canada, where he turns out other nice spaceship artwork from the Star Wars, The Expanse, and other intellectual properties. I think I first found him through his Expanse work, but according to his bio, he has served as Concept Artist on the following productions:

  • The Expanse (Seasons 2-5)
  • Star Trek Discovery (Seasons 1-3)
  • The Umbrella Academy (Seasons 1-2)
  • Dark Matter (Season 3)

In my humble opinion, his attention to detail makes his genre work superb, and the compositions are well-lit and realistic to the eye. (Who knows: if we could see enough detail, we might make out Ripley and Capt. Rosendo through those bridge viewports.)

Check out his ArtStation gallery for more goodies. But watch those ‘doors and corners,’ lest you be surprised by the likes of this Big Chap:


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