Lindberg’s unearthly imagery.

​I had a dream, which was not all a dream. The bright sun was extinguished, and the stars ​did wander darkling in the eternal space.

George G. Byron

Dreams. Powerful things. The imagery created by our minds can move us to deep emotions that carry over into the waking world with the feel of real events.

The quote above is borrowed from Krister Lindberg‘s professional website, and sets an appropriate tone for the moody imagery found there…

…some of which could easily fit into the universe of Alien.

Krister is a Swedish artist I‘ve written about before and as his work evolves… as he explores and experiments… it continues to catch my interest, so I share it with you.

But it is not my intent to appropriate his original works. It’s simply that in my eyes, some of them depict scenes have that absence of human warmth so missing from Alien. Some of them are chthonic (or perhaps chuargic might be more appropriate).

All of them are worth a look.

In the novelization of Alien, we’re told that the crew are dreaming as they hypersleep. Each one’s potential as a professional dreaming each is assessed.

Their universe is not a “warm and fuzzy” one, but a place of hardship… alienation… separation.

As they dream, I wonder if they might see images like these of Krister’s as they drift through the darkling void…

Visit Krister’s site:

All images property of Krister Lindberg.


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