Nostromocrew knows Nostromo crew jackets.

Navigating the space of Alien costume replicas is not always easy. If you’re looking for something passable and fun, there’s the do-it-yourself route. But if you’re looking for accuracy, things can get very complicated very quickly. I made a recent discovery, however, that can simply things…

One such source of accuracy is Adam Ezekiel (aka Nostromocrew), a self-described Alien enthusiast and proven maker of Nostromo crew apparel. Just check out his posts on the RPF.

To get there, he has done the deep research. Adam reproduces the officer’s wings by hand, following closely the original designs by John Mollo and props used in the film.

Absolutely beautiful!

Watching Adam Savage gush over the quality and accuracy of the wings patches is infectious:

When Adam Savage gives you props (pun intended), you know you’ve made it!)

Adam starts his work on a firm foundation: the RAF Mk3 cold weather flight jackets like those that were used in the film:

After adding the sleeve laces, Nostromo and Exec’s patches, we see his replica of Kane’s jacket (comparison with film-used jacket):

Learn more about Adam’s specialty operation at any of the following links:

NostromoCrew on the web.

NostromoCrew on the Replica Prop Forum (RPF).

NostromoCrew on Instagram.




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