Krister Lindberg’s ship-building.

The latest artwork from Krister Lindberg, a friend of The Nostromo Files.

Deep Space from the Deep South

The mooring lines in this composition were the second thing to catch my eye, after the gunship-bluntness of the spacecraft’s design.

I became acquainted with Krister Lindberg’s artwork through another blog. He is a “known quantity” whose work I enjoy, so I share it here.

Whether it be the bio-mechanical creature of Alien (1979) or the hardware of futuristic vehicles, he moves between subjects with a fluid grace that engages the eye.

Krister hails from Sweden, which probably gives him plenty of inspiration for those snowy peaks in the background of this composition.

If you find his work as interesting as I do, won’t you visit his Chronasics site and support his work by following him on your favorite social media?

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  1. Hi. A pleasant surprise, thank you very much. My inspiration is fueled by the ever expanding universe of science fiction and various dystopian narratives. Encouraged by fine examples out there on the cyberweb, the vast domains of The Nostromo Files is certainly a part of this creative galaxy. Krister Lindberg.

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