Markus Tervola’s Alien: Blackout character art.

I’ve been digging Alien: Blackout lately, having finished it once and playing it on my desktop as well. As Alien adaptations, I like it. The interface is easy to use and wearing headphones/earbuds defintely helps avoid a “face-to-face” with the Big Chap!

What I like even more, though, is this little cache of character concept art by Markus Tervola:

Click the image to visit Markus’s site.

Markus got that worn-down Alien universe look down pat, and the costuming choices he made (along with the names someone else chose) gives us insight into their personalities:

Miwa Saito (pilot) – The cap and zipped-up pockets imply a woman who is very much in control of herself… at least until she sees the Big Chap! One meaning* of her name is “beautiful harmony”, which accurately reflects her ability to work well with her crewmates, and Amanda.

Dougal Studwick (engineer) – The rolled-up sleeves and open jacket suggest a man used to getting his hands dirty. His brogue and “go-to-it” attitude also reinforce the sci-fi “Scottish Engineer” trope quite well.

Andrew Thorncroft (scientist) – His uniform doesn’t quite look freshly-pressed, but it is neat, clean, and fitting for the Science Officer vaguely reminiscent of Ash. Thorncroft’s surname describes a barb-filled plot of land, not inappropriate for this prickly fellow.

Naoko Yutani (executive director) – seemingly dressed in “traveling executive style”, Yutani looks the part. Ironically, her name has several possible meanings: “honest, pure, child”… not words commonly associated with the corporate giant.

Artwork by Markus Tervola. Callouts by The Nostromo Files.

And I would be remiss if I didn’t comment on his USCSS Haldin. She’s got outboard lifters to port and starboard and vectored-thrust engines at stern. Her hull is more streamlined than some ships we’ve seen in the Alien universe, which suggest more maneuverability in atmosphere. Her livery is unique: it has a cool reverse-color stripe that sets off the ship’s name and number (1894296; a nice nod to Nostromo).And last-but-not-least, he gave the ship that “whiskery-antennae” look that has become a hallmark of the franchise since we first saw them on the Nostromo.

See more of his work at his ArtStation gallery.





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