Michał Karcz – LV-426 RECON

When I discovered this photo today in my Behance feed, I had no idea the places it would take me. Literally.

Click the image to visit Michał’s website. Artwork copyright Michał Karcz.

Michał Karcz’s works are simply mind-blowing; the crisp clarity of his images and the evocative compositions were a wonder to behold.

According to his bio (a native of Warsaw living in Spain), Michał was born a couple of years before Alien’s theatrical premiere. The early 90s saw him moving into photography from painting, and just a few years ago, “the door” opened for him and he now produces the beautiful works that you will see when you click the link above.

My inspiration comes from many artists and it doesn’t matter if they get through to me by the sense of vision or hearing. I can tell that music has the biggest impact on my work. It’s an inseparable element with pictures in my mind, a kind of sound illustration to a visible scenery. These two things hit me with the strongest intensity.

from Michał’s bio

I think he did a fine job capturing the aesthetic of Alien‘s retro-future in his self-portrait a la Nostromo spacesuit. His pose suggests a state of mind perhaps similar to Lambert’s own reluctance to be on the surface, far from the warm, safe confines of the spaceship.

As I said above, click the image and you’ll visit Michał’s website. He also has a Behance gallery. There, you will find the photo I have featured (and many more).

There is also a link there to his official website, where you will find more sci-fi wonders (including a riff on Blade Runner 2019), and some beautiful landscapes that will take your eye for a journey into wonder.

Other than his enjoyment of Alien, it is Michał’s inspiration from music that speaks to me. With this kinship in mind, I will certainly be following his work in the future.




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