THE Nostromo, for sale. (Bonnes enchères, Fred!)

I capitalized “THE” in the title of this post, since I am referring to the model of the Nostromo most commonly considered the definitive version.

My all-time favorite photo of the largest Nostromo miniature.

It appears that the Prop Store is going to auction off this baby…

I am re-posting (Nostromo Mania) Fred’s announcement because, of all the folks I know, he would be the one most likely to buy this thing and find a home for it amongst his full-size replica of the Mother Chair, his scratch-built replica and set models of the Nostromo, and his life-sized Big Chap.

(After reading this list, do you understand why I believe Fred’s collecting “mania” might extend to Prop Store’s offering?)

I think it would go nicely with the pair of Nostromos he has already…




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