The Harry Dean Stanton-Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Connection (or Three Degrees of Separation)

I just discovered a connection between actor Harry Dean Stanton and the rock band, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. I’ve outlined it below:

1. Harry Dean Stanton: used to perform with his band, aptly named The Harry Dean Stanton Band (once known as Harry Dean Stanton & the Repo Men).

2. Michael Been: used to perform with The Harry Dean Stanton Band. Was once the front man of The Call, but is deceased. Stanton played harmonica on The Call’s “Let The Day Begin” album.

3. Robert Levon Been: son of Michael and bass player for Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. His father Michael was once their sound engineer. Stanton appears briefly in the intro to BRMC’s official video for “Stop”.

Kinda cool to find a connection between an Alien actor and a band of which I currently am fanatic about.
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