Deckplan Design, by Robert Brown.

Psst! Hey, you! Looking for ideas to help you create deck plans? I think I can hook you up…

When the interwebs were young (and so was I), I scoured them for deck plans, blueprints, and technical information based on my favorite science fiction space vehicles.

Once such site that quickly became a favorite was Robert Brown’s “Ship of Riddles”, where he published his deep (and I mean deep!) analysis of the fabulous Millennium Falcon of Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi fame.

Sure, there’s lots of sites that analyze the Falcon, but none quite like this. Plus: Robert’s was the first. And thanks to the Internet Archive, you can have a look at it:

On the old site, Robert generously published all the details that he considered as he explored the expected inconsistencies between the Falcon as a miniature, and the Falcon as full-sized sets.

The end result was his “compromise floor plan”, as shown here:

By now, you may be asking, “Okay, but I thought this was about deck plan design?”

Right you are! You’ll be glad to know that the article of which I wrote is available at Robert’s contemporary version of the “Ship of Riddles” site (click the image):

Many of the design principles of which Robert espouses for Star Wars vehicles can apply to many starships, and especially those that are armed for combat.

I have the deepest respect for what Robert has done on his old and new sites and it is a pleasure to promote his work. In fact, his work inspired me to create The Nostromo Files back around the turn of the century.

So, enjoy the article — and the site! May they get your creative brain muscles churning!

You can visit Robert’s new site here (click the image):

Tell him, “G’day mate”, and that The Nostromo Files sent you.

(And “Cheers!” to you, Robert, and thanks for many hours of happy reading!)



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