Välkommen ombord! Witamy na pokładzie!

The national flags of Sweden (l), and Poland.

A hearty “Welcome aboard!” to our visitors from Sweden and Poland!

I checked my stats just now and these two countries represent the largest number of visitors so far today. That’s fantastic!

At heart, I’m just a simple guy who has never left the United States (I’ve only left my home state a handful of times!), and I am tickled to death that Alien connects me with people the world over.

The intent of this website is to document as much about the Nostromo as is possible. It is a work-in-progress, and it may never reach the heights of what I hope it to be, but I am glad to know that people find it useful.

With that being said, I will leave you now…

Skål! Ha en trevlig dag!

Na zdrowie! Miłego dnia!




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