Seven patches. (Not dreamers.)

Seven dreamers.
You must understand that they were not professional dreamers. Professional dreamers are highly paid, respected, much sought-after talents. Like the majority of us, these seven dreamt without effort or discipline. Dreaming professionally, so that one’s dreams can be recorded and played back for the entertainment of others, is a much more demanding proposition. It requires the ability to regulate semiconscious creative impulses and to stratify imagination, an extraordinarily difficult combination to achieve. A professional dreamer is simultaneously the most organized of all artists and the most spontaneous. A subtle weaver of speculation, not straightforward and clumsy like you or I. Or these certain seven sleepers.

– from ‘Alien’, by Alan Dean Foster

The excerpt above is very familiar to me, having read it a few times over the past 40 years.

My mind makes strange connections, and as as I composed this post, I thought: hmmmm… seven patches… seven dreamers…

Not sure that is at all pertinent to this post, but there it is.

Any way, I received the lovely patches I ordered from Alchemy Arms last month and wanted to share them with you:

When I read the descriptions of the hemispherical “USCSS Nostromo” patches, I noticed the dark one was for “crew” and the light one was for “officers”.

I queried the shop and learned that those descriptions are a misnomer: the dark patch was intended for the crew jackets, and the light patch was intended for the shirts worn by the officers. That holds true for the most part: Parker’s jacket has the dark patch, and the white shirt worn by Kane has a light-colored patch.

But then there is the photo of Dallas, whose jacket has a light patch and that blows the whole theory!

I highly recommend the patches. You can find them at Alchemy Arms.



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