Hollywood Collectibles Group: The Nostromo!


The Nostromo, as a model, has been done and re-done many times over the decades, most commonly in the form of the Halcyon model kit build.

The variable geometries of the ship and the distinct lack of plan drawings for the original model have contributed to the difficulty in building replicas of this iconic pile of metal.

Until now…

Under the art direction of Graham Langridge, sculptor Hernan Azcarate (known, painter Rich Trebus, and the Hollywood Collectibles Group (HCG) team have created what is, in my humble opinion, the definitive officially-licensed Nostromo model available for purchase.

Azcarate is known to Sideshow Weta fans for his C-3PO Premium Format figure and other work. Trebus has worked on the HCG ‘Michael Myers’ and ‘Men In Black’ 1:4 scale figures.

Not since the restoration of the 7-foot filming miniature has the subject matter gotten such attention. The nit-picker in me always noticed the starboard airlock tube has an incorrect downward-cant that matches the fascia of the bow.

For this new model, the team got the starboard airlock tube correctly in its horizontal position! Thanks to Graham’s oversight, I’m sure. He sweated every detail of the ship when drafting the blueprints, which I assume guided this project. The dimensions seem sound: that three-quarter view shown below even has that “broken-backed” appearance that I have always found charming about the old girl.

When he drew his Nostromo blueprints (a decade ago!), Graham included two shuttles. He also located the airlock and science blister complete just forward of the bow landing gear. (It is worth noting here that the Langridge Nostromo blueprints were vetted by none other than the model’s builders, Martin Bower and Dennis Lowe.)

By including the airlock/science blister and shuttles in their bays, the HCG team have created what is bound to be the most accurate “head-canon” Nostromo in existence!

The Exclusive Edition includes this numbered metal plaque, which includes a nod to the Aliens Colonial Marines Technical Manual:

According to the website, there will only be 150 pieces worldwide, and at a smidge under 1,200 bucks, they’ll go quick. HCG have thoughtfully included some payment options for those who need to break it down into affordable bites.

It’s wonderful to see that the ol’ Nostromo is getting some love. As interest builds, maybe in the future we will see more Nostromo replicas and model kits, à la the Fine Scale Millennium Falcon and Perfect Grade Millennium Falcon kits!

Thanks to Nostromo Mania Fred for posting this news of the new model. Thanks to Dominic Kulcsar (Alien Explorations site); I linked to his article on the building of the Nostromo miniature.



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