Ego, Arrogance, and Emptiness.


When I first came upon photographs of Alien while reading Starlog #22, I was struck by the authenticity of the spacecraft. It looked real, not like some of the less-realized spaceships of movies and television at the time.

But I also felt an undercurrent of something else, something unsettling. It was a frisson of fear that colored my enjoyment of each subsequent look at the movie’s sets, costumes, and mileu.

In the following video analysis, Real Dimensions Pictures touches on a philosophy of H. P. Lovecraft called cosmicism, which encompasses a fear of mankind’s insignificance in the face of an incomprehensibly large universe.

One of the interesting things about the story of Alien is this crew’s mindset, and how a first-contact (for them!) scenario challenges their preconceptions in a very direct manner.

It is an entertaining piece that ties together the prequels and Alien in a satisfying way for me. I hope you enjoy it as well.

Thanks to Ingwar at the forums for sharing the video.




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