Mais quand vont ils arrêter de dénicher des photos…

Good question, Cinesfx Fred: When are they going to stop?

Let us hope the answer is: NEVER!

There are many vigilant fans of Alien out in The Network, watching and listening for some new behind-the-scenes photograph, story, or information.

One such person is Cinesfx Fred, whose sensors in France picked up some treasures that are up for auction at Propstore starting December 2 (today) and running through the 14th:

Click to visit the site.

Seeing such treasures is overwhelming, considering how I do not know of anyone in my circle of friends who has seen these before!

I feel a little like Kane, seen here in Chris Foss’s Alien production art, overwhelmed by the unbelievable things before my eyes!

Alien production art by Chris Foss.

So if you’re are planning on joining in the auction, check your bank balance and register your Propstore account now; bids have begun and most are already beyond my collectibles budget. But maybe not for you?

(Nice work, CinesfxFred!)

Later, gator!


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