Another Behind-the-scenes photo album.


As the Prop Store auction of the Alien catalog progresses, photos proliferate over The Network.


I’m sharing this link to The Nostromo Unplugged for your edification, on the off-chance you haven’t yet taken a stroll through the Alien BTS* photographs at Adam’s site.

Although you may know that some of these photos are posted elsewhere, did you know there’s much more that is hiding in the walls…

currently docile

waiting to be seen?

It is that docility for which this post aims! The following video illustrates the point very well. I have chosen three elements from it:

  1. Ripley,
  2. The Alien
  3. The “purge” button.

To begin with, watch this video before we go on. (Don’t worry; I’ll wait.)

Performances by Sigourney Weaver (Ripley) and Bolaji Badejo (the Alien).

To illustrate my point, imagine that:

  1. You are Ripley,
  2. the Alien is any mental complacency that might have crept its slimy way into your fan life, and
  3. the “purge” button is links to the photo albums of The Nostromo Unplugged and Cinesfx Fred!

I hope your interest in exploring the photographs is now just as urgent as were those of the Alien to escape the gases!

(Yes, there are others out there, but at the moment, I’m doing my part for the cause of alien, ahem, American-British-French relations!)

Yours in fun,

*BTS stands for “Behind The Scenes



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