A Nostromo Crew Jacket Costume Option.

Building your Alien costume wardrobe can be difficult, especially if you’re interested in screen-accuracy. If you’re willing to make some sacrifices, though, it is possible to come up with something very cool at a lower cost, as we see in this post from the RPF

CaptainSmek recently posted his “Nostromo Crew Jacket”, choosing to go with something more practical than the RAF Mk-3 used in the movie, but very suited to daily wear and the look of our weary crewmen of Nostromo!

I like the cut of the jacket, the epaulettes, and the strip of wide trim on the sleeves. All-in-all, I think this is nice jacket. With so many folks playing the new Alien RPG, this might be a low-budget way to help get in character. (If you want to buy a jacket to work up yourself, there is a link in the RPF thread, or you can just click here.)

Here’s the full journey (click here to visit the RPF forum thread):



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