From Sweden: ALIEN art, and Britain’s Spitfire Fund.

Message: Company network sent me here by re routing my intended destination.
Just wanted to extend my gratitude for that detour.
Some very dedicated work here, I’ll go and explore the perimeters.

When I received this “in-universe” message through INTERFACE 2037 the other day, I knew I’d found a new Alien friend. I had a look at his website and wanted to share it with you. Test

Meet the artwork of Krister Lindberg, of Sweden. His grasp of the vibe of Alien extends to his artistry:

Click the image to visit Krister’s website… if you dare!

Not only does he have a flair for the fantastic, he also has a heart for altruism, as seen here:

Created to honor the Spitfire Fund, the 1940 public donation drive that resulted in that icon of the Battle of Britain: The Spitfire airplane! Click the image to see the entire piece of art.

I asked Krister where he got the idea for the poster:

“The inspiration, if I think back, came from firstly my interest in typography and graphic design. The British have a cunning ability to do things just right. Back in the 40’s, in the horrors of war they manage to maintain that.

I was looking on a documentary about the blitz in 1940, and in the background for a second, I saw a skewed view of a poster with those words: “IN AID OF LOCAL SPITFIRE FUND” and an idea of recreating something similar came to me.

Searching for more information I did not find many actual posters (fragments really), but very much about the campaign. The Spitfire Society was one of many sources; a very good one actually, well worth a visit.

My final poster is based on the facts given and my own thoughts on how one may have looked like.”

I’ve really enjoyed making this connection and finding this art. I hope that you will take some time to browse through Krister’s site, maybe drop him a line to say, “Hello!” And if you do, let him know The Nostromo Files sent you.