Two flights of fancy, and a sci-fi trip through space & time.


In this post, I share some original artwork, and tell a little about my recent trip to New Orleans. Enjoy!

>A Bookworm’s Dream of ALIEN – the 50th Anniversary.

As a bit of inspiration and encouragement, I had some fun making mock book covers to represent the (hopefully some day?) printed versions of these two great ALIEN websites: Alien: Explorations, by Dominic Kulcsar, and Strange Shapes, by Valaquen.

These fellows have, respectively, made sense of the interviews, articles, myths, and madness that is the history of the making of ALIEN (1979).

Call it wishful thinking, pie-in-the-sky, or whatever you like, if I were to see something like these mock book cover images (teased for 50th Anniversary release in 2029), I would be most excited!

I made two versions of each, and chose a mix of film and production work as art for them.

(Apologies in advance to poor Dominic and Valaquen…who have no idea I’m sharing this.)

>The Nostromo Files goes to the Big Easy Con 2019.

I attended the Big Easy Con in New Orleans last weekend (November 2, 2019)!

The last time I attended a science fiction/fantasy convention was 27 years ago. (Yes, I have it recorded in my archives!) But more on that later…

The story of how I got to the Big Easy Con is pretty cool. It all started back in April, when my New Orleanian friend tells me that he won two passes to the con at a local trivia contest. He offered one to me and we made plans to attend.

But then we got the news in May that it was being rescheduled for November! That ended up being a good thing, I suppose, because the guest list grew to include Brent Spiner (Data, Star Trek: The Next Generation), Marina Sirtis (Counselor Troi, ST:TNG) , Michael Biehn (Terminator, Aliens) and wife Jennifer Blanc-Biehn (The Blood Bond, The Victim), and Michael Dorn (Lt. Worf, ST:TNG).

Saturday was THE day, and we hit the merchandise room first. I found some choice patches, t-shirts, a novel, and found out about the New Orleans horror film festival that is held annually.

After that, we sat in on Spiner, Dorn, and Sirtis’s session on the main stage, where they related old stories from TNG. It was fun to see them, but tempered by the fact that the series went off the air 25 years ago and the last feature film was in 2002 (none of the stories were from the films), well before some in the room were yet born!

It was an unexpected treat to hear The New Day speak on stage. Unbeknownst to me, there is a huge following for these professional wrestlers and their fan base was well represented! Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston, and Big E seemed to be really nice guys and although they were on stage, their manner and interactions with their fans was very personable and sincere.

We left the con for supper on Esplanade Ave. at Port of Call, self-proclaimed home of New Orleans’ best hamburger. Parking and the wait is always iffy, but we found a spot just a half-block away and we were sipping on Goombays (think Rum Punch) in no time while we waited for a table. The burgers-and-baked-potatoes were a great way to recharge. Since the night air was pleasant, we left there and walked a couple of blocks over to lower Decatur St. and browsed an open-air market before a night-cap at a hole-in-the-wall whose sidewalk sign presented me with a paraphrase of a familiar movie tag-line. (See if you can recognize it in the photo gallery?)

All-in-all, a great day!

But all this talk of New Orleans and science fiction conventions takes me back to another day and time…Saturday, August 29, 1992!


Yes, back in those days, science fiction conventions were becoming more popular, backed by full-on companies producing them nationwide since they were able to pull in big talent.

Alien3, Freejack, Split Second, and Universal Soldier, released that summer, were still making rounds in the theaters.

On television, Mystery Science Theater 3000, Star Trek: The Next Generation, and Quantum Leap were favorites.

For the bookshelf that year, we got A Fire Upon the Deep (Vernon Vinge), Dark Force Rising (Timothy Zahn), The Gap Into Power (Stephen R. Donaldson), and Imzadi (Peter David), among others.

So when I heard that CreationCon 1992 was in New Orleans that year, and the featured guest was none other than the fetching Dr. Crusher of Star Trek: The Next Generation fame, I had to check it out. (The show was in hiatus between Seasons 5 and 6.)

Ms. McFadden was very personable (as much as she could be on a stage before a ballroom full of guests), and she called for donations of clothing for those who’d lost their homes west of NOLA. (Hurricane Andrew had ripped through the Bahamas, Florida, and finally Louisiana earlier that month.)

I didn’t take a lot of pictures, but the ones I got are treasures and representative of the mood of the program.

(Personal note: a very dear friend and pastor of mine attended the con with me. He passed away in 2014.)




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