In support of Alien Explorations! (Or, don’t let the ba$tards get him down…)


If you follow Dominic Kulcsar’s resource-full Alien Explorations site on Facebook, you will have noticed that he is unable to post links to the articles on his web page due to a Facebook Community Standards issue.

Here is the message I received when recently trying to post a link to his “Nostromo” section:

That issue seems to be currently under review.

I clicked on the “let us know” link and shared this with them, for what it’s worth:

I think you have made a mistake in blocking links to the Alien Explorations website. I have known Dominic Kulcsar for several years now. We are both fans of the 1979 horror film ALIEN and both run websites devoted to the cinematic, creative, and artistic aspects of the movie.

It is a film classic that just recently celebrated its 40th anniversary. The most compelling part of the film is its artistic vision. The eponymous creature that is featured in the film had its beginnings in the creative mind of H. R. Giger, a Swiss painter whose Necronom IV work inspired Ridley Scott to base his monster upon its wickedly horrific image. That image has haunted film-goers and horror film aficionados for decades.

Mr. Kulcsar’s site delves deeply into Giger’s works and the links he posts to his Facebook Page ( are educational and edifying to students of film production, to those who appreciate art, and to those who enjoy reading about the origins and influences on both.

Certainly, Giger’s works are shocking and evoke a variety of responses in the viewer. But Mr. Kulcsar does not present the images or information in a lewd or lascivious manner, but instead appeals to the intellect as he makes connections between the artist of the ALIEN and those who possibly inspired his works.

I ask that you reconsider your current stance of blocking links to Mr. Kulcsar’s site and allow the free expression of his thoughts and ideas back on his page. He has over 2,600 people following his FB page, and as many again who Like it.

Doesn’t that prove something? Your thoughtful consideration is most appreciated.

Darrell Curtis

This is not a call to discuss Facebook’s Community Standards, or to fill their inboxes with vile harangues. You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar, if you get my drift.

No. Instead, it is a call to support Dominic’s work whenever you, too, are confronted with the message I received above.

I will be the first to say that Dominic’s site is not for children, or for adults disturbed by Giger’s images or the likes. They are shocking in their strangely fluid images of darkness and ominous inhuman sexuality. I, for one, do not enjoy viewing them on a regular basis but through Dominic’s site, I have a greater appreciation for Giger as an artist.

Giger’s nightmarish visions were what captured the imagination of Ridley Scott. He chose Necronom IV and other works on which to base what we now know as the “The Big Chap”, the alien planetoid and the various other stages of the alien’s lifecycle.

You may not enjoy Dominic’s site or his musings, and I respect that. But I do, and I appreciate the lengths to which he goes to chase down an artistic reference, or to point out some little-known bit of trivia that’s been lost down the decades.

Just look at the depth and breadth of topics covered on Dominic’s website.

As you can see above, Dominic’s site is stand-alone and doesn’t really reside on Facebook. But it is convenient for readers to access via the social media website.

The world of Alien fans would be missing something of value if Alien Explorations’ voice is stifled.

So please, if you feel as I do about the quashing of Dominic’s free expression of his views on the Alien production topic, let Facebook know? Your post could be next…

In the meantime, hang in their Dominic! Hopefully this will all be sorted out soon and you’ll be back in the game on Facebook.



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