Network Uplink : Week Ending 02 NOV 2019

I am trying a new kind of post. It might be the “new normal” for The Nostromo Files: a round-up of things I found in the past week and want to share with y’all.

So here goes…

>ASH Talk.

Back in April, Michael Scudieri talked with Jaime Prater (Perfect Organism podcast) about his ALIEN jones, and “Ash – A Fan Fiction Comic”. I just heard it today and enjoyed hearing Michael talk about his project. Maybe you will, too.

2018-06-12 13.37.53.jpeg
Click the image to visit the podcast site directly. (Original artwork by Michael Scudieri, posted at Perfect Organism podcast site.)

>MOONing over photos.

Model master Steve Howarth recently posted an album of exclusive photographs in his Facebook album, “MOON book NOT”. (See the description there for more information.)

Image may contain: 1 person, sitting and text
Click the image to visit this talented chap’s photo gallery.

>And the hits keep a’comin’!

Just the other day I posted about seeing something new in an old photograph.

Now, it’s a photograph that is new to me! I wanted to share it with you.

While browsing through Charles Lippincott’s Twitter feed, I found this Bob Burns photograph of the exterior Nostromo set, showing the full size landing leg on the left, the unfinished airlock set platform on the right, and the beginnings of the airlock lift resting down below atop its scissor lift.

The shot appears to be taken from the adjacent science blister set platform.

This must have been early in the creation of the set, since there is no dust-and-detritus set dressing on the stage floor yet, and the airlock lift platform is still in a basic state without the control boxes and other details shown here:

To give you more context for the set and the placement of these elements, have a look at this set plan recreation (drawn by Adam Savage-Hill):

Adam’s drawing of the Nostromo exterior set.

And one final image: a nice 3D shot of the “real” Nostromo, showing the location of the airlock lift and science blister (drawn by Starrigger):

3D model by Starrigger, who also has a very good grasp of Nostromo.

These are the kinds of things that really fan the fire of my interest in the Nostromo: the extremes to which the film makers went to create a very believable vehicle for the telling of their story.

>Filing the Photographs.Philing the Fotographs. (Oh, I give up!)

I have begun cataloguing my ALIEN-related photographs in a special library, part of my over-all project to be able to lay my hands on the material in my collection as quickly (and accurately) as possible.

What follows is a sample of the current file-naming scheme that I have come up with:

I’m not completely certain that this will do the trick, but it is a good start. The file names need to be as brief as possible. The details about the content of the photograph will be entered as meta-data tags.

If you have ever taken on this task and have constructive input to share, please do?

>Re-creating Sevastopol’s Apollo interface.

Not too long ago, Clara Fei Fei and I shared a brief conversation about a comparison of the different computer interfaces in the ALIEN universe, namely Mother, Apollo, and the Sevastolink system.

To stretch my creative muscles for more research into this intriguing topic, I threw this together. I achieved the stretched-font look with a little trickery, but I believe I may have to get one of those font creator apps and build my own.

Thanks for the inspiration, Clara.



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