A hard reset, instead.


I have revisited my decision to shut down The Nostromo Files. Instead, it’s time for a hard reset.


Maybe it was seeing ALIEN (1979) up on the big screen tonight that rekindled my imagination and drive for this project as I noticed details and heard sounds that I haven’t seen/heard in decades. (Yes, do yourself a favor and see this on the big screen… please!)

Maybe there is time enough to get things done.

Maybe it was vacation.

Maybe it was something my wife said.

Maybe it’s the number of folks who have been along for the ride these past few years.

Maybe it was the cold front that ushered in autumn and cooled things off.

I don’t know.

And sometimes, it’s best not to look too closely for answers…

At any rate, I have retooled the site, a “hard reset” if you will, to it’s earlier incarnation before it moved to WordPress.

I’ve returned it to the simpler database that it used to be, before I got side-tracked with the blogging.

Changes will be logged by our beloved BO-TH-ER 1000 mainframe computer on the UPDATES page.

The mighty BO-TH-ER 1000 computer system housing The Nostromo Files at the Weyland-Yutani Special Archives Unit, located in United Americas-Louisiana.

And I’ve hired a new data entry operator, Edina, to post updates via the blog section of the site, although I am not altogether sure of her reliability…

Thanks, in advance, for your patience.