A shared Ludditism (or, The generosity of Jon Sorensen)



Just about the time I decide to swear off social media so that I can devote more time to other interests, I get a message from none of than Mr. Jon Sorensen!

My somewhat limited experiences, with some of the fellows who had their hands on ALIEN (1979), have shown me that they are very patient with respectful questions from fans of their work.

While we fans of ALIEN tend to suffer from arrested development with regard to that film, these men went on to produce many, many other artistic creations.

Yet, they are understanding of our interest in one of many moments in their résumes.

Jon Sorensen is no exception.

His official website is brimming over with exciting imagery, music players (yes, he is a composer!), and quotes. Careful browsing will reward the visitor who hovers over the page elements, since there are links to other samples of Jon’s creative career to be found there.

Go to his webpage and make your way down through the images until you reach this point; click on the photo of Jon to reveal an item sure to appeal to fans of the behind-the-scenes details of ALIEN:


(Hint: the material Jon shares now was available a few years back and involves a work-in-progress)

This is the trail of breadcrumbs Jon presented to me, so who I am to short-circuit the fun?

Jon’s playful sense of humor was also revealed to me when I inadvertently sent him an invitation to join a social media messaging app (or should I say the damned thing invited him itself?!?). Jon prefers to keep some distance from these invasive apps, and I have to say I am beginning to feel that way myself (although whether he finds them as big a time-waster as I do, I am not sure…)

At any rate, treat yourself to a visit to Jon’s website, won’t you? It is a visual treat and you will be amazed at the scope of his artistic vision.


Oh, and by the way, for the record, one of my favorite shots of the Nostromo (in an unconventional position) includes the man himself:


You can find Jon on Facebook here. Stop by some time and let him know you’re interested in his book of memories from ALIEN, won’t you? Tell him The Nostromo Files sent you!


Thanks, Jon!




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