The Director Should’ve Shot You. (Alan Dean Foster)



I learned today that Alan Dean Foster has a publisher for his latest non-fiction book!

Foster says that Centipede Press (an indie publisher in Colorado) will publish The Director Should’ve Shot You, his story about the television and movie novelizations he has worked on during his career, starting with Luana (1973) and up to Alien: Covenant (2017). He posted about it on his blog, back in April:




I wrote him to ask “When?”, and he directed me to Centipede. In no time, I got word back from them: it’s still in the works and expected out next year.

(Good things come to them as waits… eh?)


Click the graphic below to visit Foster’s website:


And if you have the time, pop on over to Centipede and let them know you’re interested…




  1. Thanks for posting this. It should be a very interesting read considering the variety and volume of “novelizations” he’s written.If memory serves me I think “Luana” his first(which I now know from this post) had Frazetta cover art? All of his ALIEN novelizations are in my collection some in multiple language’s.



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