The tweets of Charles Lippincott.


If you haven’t met Charles Lippincott in your fan-travels in the universe of ALIEN, you’ll be glad to see this…

Lippincott, self-described as an “Old codger who worked on some fun movies”, is generous with his entertaining and informative first-hand stories about his time spent working such films as Alien, Judge Dredd, and Star Wars.

Movie-making (and the associated marketing thereof) was a different world in those days. I grew up in that time and it was magical on my end; hearing Lippincott’s unadulterated tales adds dimension to and further enjoyment of these films.

He has plans for an Alien book featuring photography from the renowned Bob Penn. (If you have not yet heard of photographer Penn, click here for a list of his work.)

I found this nice shot of Harry Dean Stanton on Lippincott’s Twitter account today:

If you don’t have a Twitter account, this might be the time to get one so you , too, can be in on these gems as they’re shared. And tell him The Nostromo Files sent you, eh?


(You will also find him on Facebook




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