Alien: unused patch designs by Ron Cobb



Fans of ALIEN (1979) appreciate the lengths to which the creative minds went to portray a space-faring society that has used its technological tools to mine the riches of the worlds within its reach.

Ron Cobb dreamed up specific commercial enterprises whose liveries were graphically appealing and hinted at further backstory. His work has captured the imagination of a fan-friend of mine and I think that you will want to know more…

L. M. Oliver has chosen two such samples of Cobb’s work and had them made into beautiful patches that stand alone as pieces of artwork, but would also make great additions to an Alien fan’s costume.

The best part of this news is that the patches are available for sale!




Compare them with Cobb’s original artwork:


I think that L. M. made very good color choices and the quality is first-rate! (Yes, I own a pair!)

You can find out more about Oliver’s patches at the link below. I wouldn’t wait too long… these are sure to sell out.

Source: (3) Limited Run – Alien: unused patch designs by Ron Cobb | RPF Costume and Prop Maker Community





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