An advertisement from the universe of Alien.



If ever the existence of printed publications in the time of the Nostromo and its crew was in doubt, we need only remember Ash’s assault on Ripley with a rolled-up girlie magazine!

Parker further makes the point in a deleted scene, where he is browsing one such publication (even sharing it with Brett) while they sit in the passageway outside the infirmary to see what’s to be done with poor Kane.

And finally, there is evidence in Alien: Isolation, where the inhabitants of Sevastopol Station have left behind a variety of printed materials for us to examine, provided the Big Chap is not far behind!

Following in this legacy of magazine art, I put together a fictional advertisement from a familiar business operation, for a new computer system…



(Technical text for the ad was borrowed from an old IBM new release, and tweaked for relevance to the Alien universe. Mother circuit graphic by Ekliptik; Company wings graphic by Stan Magda. )




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