Nostromo and Narcissus, by Keith Whittington.



If you, like me, have seen these dramatic images on the internet, you might not know who created them.


The artist is Keith Whittington, and he posted them recently online. He painted these two pictures in acrylics, in 2013.

Ever imagining the background universe in which the Nostromo worked, I am always interested in seeing how others imagine it. This glimpse of Thedus is totally in character and reminds me of the petrochemical refineries in South Louisiana:


The Nostromo departing Thedus, by Keith Whittington.



This scene captures that sense of security and safety that the Nostromo represents after it has landed on the hostile surface of the planetoid. You can almost hear those soothing sounds of Mozartian strings spilling out among the harsh winds…


The Narcissus shuttle craft, by Keith Whittington


I hope you enjoy the art, and that you would spread the news about this artist. Hopefully, we will see more as the inspiration moves him! Check out his other work at the Keith Whittington Fine Art Facebook Page.


Thanks to the Building Better Worlds Facebook Group for hosting Keith’s post.





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