Are we there yet?



While others have the deft touch for models, costumes, art, film, or music, I find great pleasure in crunching the numbers behind the ALIEN backstory, specifically (of course) with regard to the Nostromo.


I’m working up a new graphic that will involve showing the Nostromo‘s position as she makes her way along the Solomons Circuit, much like the kind of report that present-day shipowners can view to be sure their money is safe and sound between ports.

Here is a spreadsheet I’ve created today with some rudimentary calculations based on timeline info and basic principles of interstellar navigation:


Draft figures, plotting Nostromo’s course and position; for use in a new graphic idea.


I want to create a map that I can use to show where the bloody ship might have been on any given day of her journey.


Here’s a tease:


Of course, I might be off by a sidereal day or a decimal, but the point is to try and be a precise as possible.

In the meanwhile, I’m having a blast and thought I’d share it with you.






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