ALIEN@40 Week: David McDonnell is kickin’ it Old School.



David McDonnell started his professional career in 1975 with a column in The Comic Buyers’ Guide, but I didn’t discover his work in the world of science fiction until 1982, when he became Managing Editor of Starlog.

Here it is 2019, and he is still going strong!


Regular readers of this blog know how I often pine for the days when print media ruled and we learned of our favorite movies, SFX, and collectibles from magazines like Starlog, Fangoria,  and not the inter webs.

Thanks to guys like David, you can experience a bit of that, even when it comes to ALIEN (1979)!

For your reading pleasure (and for some, a great trip down Memory Lane!), I present David’s four posts on his Facebook Page, where he celebrates coverage of ALIEN in some terrific magazines of which you should know. Complete with hyperlinks!








Thank you, David (and all involved) for so many wonderful years of science fiction entertainment for all of us, but especially for me, a guy who grew up on a small town in the South, with an eye on the stars and a heart for adventure!

Thanks for keeping the torch alight!


P.S. Alien fans wanting to add to their bibliography list will find a treasure trove in these posts.



(Biographical information regarding David’s start in the business was borrowed from’s Starlogging with David McDonnell: What Fresh New Interview Hell Is This?)




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